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Medgol is a clinic in which you can find both a friendly environment and professional team. Our team will be a guide whom you can consult during any stages of your treatment and stay in Antalya. Your doctor will show utmost care to your examination and procedures. During your treatment, you will find our team with great support and care. We keep your health as well as satisfaction as a priority.

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As none of the patients nor their issues and needs could be the same as each other, our team shows a great amount of care towards your unique needs and expectations. In Medgol, you will find more than mere medical care, you will be treated as special as you are …

Ramon Smith

Obesity surgery

I found Medgol after my search for a good doctor to perform my obesity surgery. I was nervous but my doctor explained all the procedure and answered all my questions. After our talk, I was no longer scared as my doctor gained my trust. The surgery was not only problem-free but also quite effectful. My doctor guided me through my recovery period and always paid attention to me. I am glad I found this place and now I suggest it to everyone.

Angela Young

Fix gummy smile problem

Such a professional team and great service. Throughout my visit, I was always informed about the procedure. I am more than glad that I chose Medgol to fix my gummy smile problem. If you have medical holiday in mind, I definitely suggest this great hospital.

Lucy Walker

Implants and teeth whitening

I decided to get implants and teeth whitening in Antalya after the suggestions of my friend. I preferred Medgol after everything I heard about the professional and friendly team. I want to say that my experiences definitely matched my expectations. Everyone in the hospital was so helpful and as they all spoke English, I didn’t have any problems to communicate.

Myra Sanders

Cosmetic surgery

My experience of getting a cosmetic surgery in Antalya was totally worth going all the way from Europe. Everyone in the team is so friendly and my doctor always helped me with all my questions about the procedure. Thanks to Medgol, I am both pleased with my physical appearance and had the chance to travel such a great city as Antalya.

Charlie Simon

Hair transplantation

I wanted to get a hair transplantation after I lost my hair. As I wanted to go Antalya anyway, I decided to do it there. My doctor was so helpful and he answered all my questions. I had doubts but he explained everything clearly. I suggest Medgol to everyone. It was a great medical holiday experience. Antalya is such a beautiful city and I will come back here for another holiday.

Ashley Francis

Fixed my teeth

The clinic was very high-quality and everyone was so professional. We went there when I broke my teeth during my holiday in Antalya. Everyone was so friendly and my doctor fixed my teeth quickly. If you have doubts, I suggest you drop them and chose Medgol for your medical problems and procedures.

Julian Richards

Obesity surgery

Because of her weight, my mother used to have many problems in her daily life. We decided to go Antalya for an obesity surgery. The doctor carefully examined her and explained all the steps of the procedure. Now it’s been months since her surgery and she is glad that she had it in Medgol. She has recovered quickly and her life improved so much afterwards.

Clarence Norman


After long research, I found Medgol for my gynecomastia procedure. When I arrived at the clinic, I was still confused but my doctor explained everything thoroughly and made it all clear. The process and the post-surgery period were not difficult at all. Thanks to this great team, I am glad I chose Medgol. I not only got rid of an issue I was so bothered by, but also got the chance to see the beautiful and great city Antalya.

Helena Russell

Orthodontic treatment

I decided to get my orthodontic treatment in Medgol thanks to a recommendation. I used to be very unpleasant with the looks of my teeth but my dentist professionally fixed it and now it not only looks perfect, but also very natural. I also got my teeth whitened and they are better than ever, all the cigarette marks have vanished. I am now very happy about my treatment.

Lynda Wright

Plastic surgery

I had my plastic surgery operations in Medgol. My face was so wrinkled and problematic but my doctor did a great job for fixing it all. Afterwards I could not believe in my eyes as I actually looked so much younger and prettier than I am. Before and after the surgery, my doctor was always helpful. He was always there through my healing process as well. I could contact and ask any questions. Such a professional clinic and great team. I will definitely come back here in case I have another issue.

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