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Our History

Our clinic was established in 2014 by a group of doctors with multiple purposes such as providing medical services to patients. Initially, our clinic was dedicated for the patients that were living in Turkey. However, with the passing time, we changed our aims about who we aimed to treat and broadening our vision.

Our Mission

Our mission to treat each patient of ours as a family and to give them the utmost care that we would provide to our own families. We have created this network with the aims of making an easy and reliable treatment accessible to each patient and provide them with a trustable doctor who will show them a warm and professional attitude.

Our People

Are team is constructed by a group of people who lovingly do their jobs and who have dedicated themselves to provide each of our patients with the highest level of a satisfactory experience. You can count on our team’s reliability, experiences, and skills with board-certified specialists. Our exceptional staff, who are experts in the industry provide an amazing service and care to each patient.

With the growing number of clients, two years after the establishment of our clinic, a decision was made to continue our services in separate health centers as well. Our network makes it possible for us to share resources, provide the most qualifies specialists and offer the highest quality of care in Antalya. Our clinics have been gone over to meet our requirements for quality, affordability, and care. Medgol clinics, afterwards, started to go as four separately specialized clinics of hair transplantation, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, and gastric surgery. With the increasing number of domestic and foreign clients, we decided to accept clients from all over Europe. For the sake of this purpose of global activities, the company hired many skilled and experienced staff and continued to provide professional services to health tourists.

Continuing to attract patients from all over Turkey and the world and providing the best medical services for them, the company created a specialized tourism department to improve its medical travel activities. Though the pandemic of Coronavirus limited these touristic activities mandatorily, Medgol Company resumed these activities with the Safe Tourism Certificate and License as soon as the flight restrictions were lifted.

In compliance with all health protocols, all the company activities such as airport transformations and accommodation have persistently continued. Medgol now provides a specialized service in four fields with its stuff that consists of doctors, physicians, nurses, and service teams, all of whom are highly experienced and qualified in their fields.

What should you expect from a medical treatment in Medgol?

1. Professional Code of Conduct

Our team is constructed of people who are dedicated to treat each patient respectively, considering their unique needs and issues. We want to make sure that our patients are professionally treated by our experienced and qualified team.

2. International standards

We give utmost importance to the international standards to make sure that our patients have the highest satisfaction possible. To reach this aim, we follow technological advances closely and use the most advanced and modern equipment. Another important factor is the sterilization of our equipment as we care about your health and hygiene highly.

3. Quality Care of Patients with Compassion

For us, your satisfaction as a patient has a crucial importance. To reach our aim, we work with highly qualified doctors who pay importance to your care as much as we do. Medgol is not merely a clinic where you will be treated, it is also a place where you will be exposed to the affectionate treatment you should.

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