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Plastic surgery in Antalya

What is Plastic surgery in Antalya?

Plastic surgery in Antalya – Throughout the history, humans found a way to perform a kind of plastic surgery to enhance their appearance but today, Plastic Surgery is the term that covers the reconstruction, restoration and alteration of the parts of the body.

It is so popular among people especially since the beginning of the 20th century. Plastic Surgery has two subcategories: Reconstructive surgery and Cosmetic surgery.

What is Reconstractive and cosmetic surgery?

Reconstructive surgery deals with alteration, restoration or reconstruction a part of human body without aesthetic purposes.

The only aim of reconstructive surgery is to improve or bring back the functionality of a body part using advanced technology.

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is the operations of changing, reconstructing and restoration a body part with the aim of enhancing its look aesthetically.

So, they are also referred as aesthetic surgeries.

Reconstructive surgery deals with alteration, restoration or reconstruction a part of human body without aesthetic purposes.

The only aim of reconstructive surgery is to improve or bring back the functionality of a body part using advanced technology.

On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is the operations of changing, reconstructing and restoration a body part with the aim of enhancing its look aesthetically.

So, they are also referred as aesthetic surgeries.

What are the procedures of Plastic surgery in Antalya?


A. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

There may be disfigurations, ugly looks, deformities or defects of the eyelids.

With this eyelid surgery, all these defects are corrected and your eye region is reconstructed by aesthetical modifications in a muscle called ptosis with an advanced technology.

In blepharoplasty, our doctors remove or reposition the excess tissues of the eyelid area to create aesthetic looking eyes and a younger look.

B. Lip Augmentation

There have been many ways for lip augmentation throughout the history but today, plastic surgery in Turkey made many innovations and uses an advanced technology to increase the fulness of the lips by enlarging them implementing hyaluronic acid, fat or implant fillers. This adds an augmented and full but natural look to the lips.

C. Cheiloplasty (surgical lip reconstruction)

Our expert plastic surgeons along with oral and maxillofacial surgeons will conduct this plastic surgery for various reasons such as lip reduction.

Lip reduction surgery fixes the abnormally large lip problem by reducing the size of the lip and giving it a good look. Or, the surgeons may use this technique to enlarge upper lips and lower lips permanently.

D. Botox

Botox is a portmanteau of botulinum and it is synthesised by the bacterium Clo-stri-dium botulinum. It has a lot of uses but it is used extensively in medicine and cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

In cosmetic dermatology, Botox is used to reduce wrinkles on the face. Expert surgeons inject it into muscles especially in the uppermost parts of the face and the muscles relax creating a smooth and aesthetic look to the face and making the recipient younger.

E. Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

In Medicine, it is called nasal reconstruction and divided into two categories. First is the reconstructive nasal surgery which fixes the form of the nose that may be broken and brings back its functionality.

On the other hand, second one is cosmetic nasal surgery that aims to alter the appearance of the nose according to the aesthetic expectations of the recipient.

In Medgol, our doctors provide the best rhinoplasty in Turkey thanks to the years of experience and they can fix many problems including nasal injuries, breathing problems and treatbirth defects along with giving you the nose of your dreams.

F. Otoplasty (Ear Surgery/Ear Pinning)

Cosmetic surgery in Antalya also focuses on ears as they can completely change the appearance of a person. In that sense, Otoplasty is a surgical procedure in which our doctors resolve and correct many ear issues such as

G. Rhytidectomy (Face Lift)

Within this surgery, doctors use some medical devices of advanced technology to remove the wrinkles on the face.

This operation stretches the face and gives it a smooth, younger appearance by removing the excess facial skin and tightening the underlying tissues.

People of all ages consider this application but most of them are older than at least teenagers to achieve their old, smooth face.

Lastly, this procedure is performed under deep twilight sleep or general anaesthesia.

H. Neck Lift

This procedure is also categorised under rhytidectomy procedure and includes the neck operations such as removing the excess tissues in the neck or tightening them to give a sharper look to the neck.

To achieve the best results, our doctors recommend to combine it with face lift for lower face rejuvenation.

I. Browplasty (Brow Lift/Forehead Lift)

Brow lift procedures can also be categorised under two headings. First one is reconstructive brow lift and second one is cosmetic brow lift.

Reconstructive brow lift aims to fix the problems such as drooping eyebrows which obstructs vision and the deep worry lines on the forehead. This procedure has the goal of increased functionality.

On the other hand, cosmetic brow lift today generally involves the injection of B so that the wrinkles on the forehead can be got rid of forever.

J. Midface Lift (Cheek Lift)

This plastic surgery in Antalya generally involves the usage of B injection to achieve smoother cheeks so that the recipient will look younger. Our doctors tighten the cheeks in accordance with the wishes and expectations of the recipient. If you have further questions, we have a free consultation service here in Medgol.

K. Genioplasty/Mentoplasty (Chin Augmentation/Chin Enchantment/Chin Implant)

In this cosmetic surgery, our doctors usually place an implant as a base for the chin and thusly change the underlying structure of the face.

This procedure enables a more balanced face structure along with a sharper look on the chin.

L. Cheek Augmentation (Cheek Implant)

Cheek Augmentation, unlike midface lift, does not only tighten the wrinkles on the cheek to give it a younger and smoother look but it places an implant under the chin to create better visuals.

It can change the shape and structure of the chin and thus a highly preferred plastic surgery in Turkey.

M. Orthognathic Surgery

This procedure is performed when there is an imbalance or an alignment issue between the upper and lower jaw bones.

It uses osteotomy to correct these issues and teeth alignment to create better and aesthetic visuals on the jaws.

N. Laser Skin Rejuvenation (Laser Resurfacing)

This and advanced technology employing laser technique to disassociate the molecular bonds. Our doctors use this technology to treat various issues such as actinic keratosis, stretch marks, telangiectasias, scars, sun damage and solar lentigines.

Also, you can get some recommended combinations for this procedure like liposuction, using our free consultation service. This Laser Skin Rejuvenation technique makes your skin solid and intact.

O. Zygoma Reduction Plasty (Cheekbone Reduction)

This cosmetic surgery in Turkey aims to decrease facial width through excising or cutting out a part of the zygomatic (related to cheekbone) bone and arch.

The procedure is mostly preferred by Asian people whose face are wide, broad and short but anyone who wants to have their cheekbones aesthetically corrected can undergo this procedure safely at the hands of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey.

P. Jaw Reduction (Mandible Angle Reduction)

This cosmetic surgery involves the reduction or narrowing down of a bone at the bottom of our face which is called mandible.

This creates the aesthetic looking jaw that you see on Hollywood stars’ face. The reason behind a wide and unfavoured is the large width of the mandibular bone or it can be caused by a wide masseter muscle.

Q. Buccal Fat Extraction

Buccal fat pad is a fat pad located under the either side of the cheek and it may give the cheeks a swollen look. This buccal pad is removed from the cheek in buccal fat extraction cosmetic surgery in Turkey to recontour the face and its looks.

Sometimes, the buccal pad is not removed but they are altered to achieve a good-looking face through facial contouring or face lift.

R. Dermal Fillers (Injectables or soft-tissue fillers, Injectable cosmetic filler, Injectable facial filler)

These injectable dermal fillers are a kind of material that tightens the skin to fill the wrinkles and increase the face volume along with augmenting face characteristics to achieve a smoother appearance.

They are directly injected to the skin of the recipient at different depths determined by the volume of wrinkles on the face.

This is a quick solution which does not require aesthetic surgeries but it is not permanent because the filler materials are eventually absorbed by the body, giving way to the wrinkles again.

S. Micropigmentation

Almost every woman uses makeup to make their appearance better but there is a better alternative to makeup. Makeup products are expensive and they need remake every day, sometimes many times in a day.

Permanent makeup is a high-quality cosmetic procedure in which our doctors implement a permanent pigmentation of the dermis to make you look like you wear makeup all the time.

This method can naturally and aesthetically resemble the eyelening, lipstick and other makeup methods. You do not need to reapply your makeup every time you drink or eat something or after bath.

procedures of Plastic surgery in Antalya
BREASTS (MAMMOPLASTY) Breast Augmentation


A. Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty, Boob Job)

Breast augmentation in Antalya is an advanced cosmetic procedure of augmenting the size and appearance of boobs.

Breasts play a big role in the social and sexual life of a woman. They are biologically used to breastfeed a baby in mammals. However, in humans, it has a social value which can be considered as an intimate part of a woman.           Therefore, breast augmentation can help someone gain her self esteem in a powerful way.

It is carried out by the best plastic surgeons in Turkey with little costs. Fat-graft mammoplasty or saline/silicone-gel breast implants can be used during a breast augmentation surgery in Turkey.

B. Breast Implant

Breast implants are another kind of breast surgery that our doctors perform to increase the size of the breasts and reshape the contour of the breasts.

Breast Implant
Breast Implant

Breast implants is a reconstructive surgery to treat congenital defects and deformities. However, it can also be a cosmetic surgery aiming to give a more aesthetic look to the breasts.

Also, they can be used to restore an authentic looking breast after a woman has gone through mastectomy. In mastectomy, one of the breasts is amputated because of the breast cancer.

C. Fat Graft Mammoplasty (Autologous Breast Augmentation)

This fat grafting cosmetic procedure is a method of increasing the sizes of breasts without implants. Instead, our doctors liposuck the fat from another part of the woman’s own body. There are some advantages of fat grafting over breast implants as follows;

·      There are no implants or silicones used in this cosmetic surgery.

·      There are literally small incisions to apply fat grafting.

·      It uses woman’s own body fat.

·      It is easier to perform for doctors and has relatively low complications compared to breast implants.

·      The boobs after autologous breast augmentation look and feel much more natural and softer after the operation compared to breast implants.

·       It is known to be an extremely safe plastic surgery.

Also, it has some disadvantages as follows;

·       Fat grafting has no standardized technique.

·       It cannot enlarge the breasts as breast implants do but can only increase them one cup size, which is generally enough and healthy.

·       After this operation, there may be a requirement for a breast lift.

·       The calcifications of the operation might interfere with breast cancer scanning.

·       It needs some excess and spare fat for transferring into the boobs.

D. Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction)

While some women prefer large breasts and go through breast surgeries such as breast implants or fat grafting to increase the size of their breasts, other women suffer from extremely big breasts or they just want smaller boobs for attractiveness.

Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction

Breast reduction in Antalya can give them what they want through a series of operations such as re-establishing the bust or vernacularly cleavage proportioned to the size of the rest of the body.

So, it can both be a reconstructive surgery or a cosmetic surgery in Turkey. You can also get information from our free consultation service about the psychological aspects of this aesthetic surgery.

E. Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure that is generally applied after mastectomy or lumpectomy, namely after the removal of boobs because of breast cancer or other reasons.

It has two distinctive methods, implant reconstruction being the first and tissue (flap) reconstruction being the second performed by a plastic surgeon in Antalya.

F. Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Breast lift is a cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Some women may experience saggy breasts that takes the attractiveness away after a weight loss or pregnancy.

Also, aging contributes saggy breasts and breast lift surgery can lift or reshape the boobs to make them firm again through removing the breast skin athwart glandular tissue.

G. Augmentation Mastopexy (Breast Lift with Breast Implants)

This kind of breast lift also firms and tightens the saggy breasts but, in this technique, our surgeons use breast implants rather than removing the breast tissues.

H. Gynecomastia

This is actually a condition among men whose breasts are extremely large without cancer. This is generally caused by hormonal imbalances and also can be genetic.

The imbalance of hormones is between oestrogen and androgen. People with this condition are usually recessive in social relations and they are psychologically affected.

In Medgol, you have the solution for this condition forever. Our doctors will perform the safe gynecomastia surgery to treat this issue forever. They will also help control your hormonal imbalances thusly blocking the issue from reoccurring.

I. Tubular Breast Correction (Tuberous Breast Corrective Surgery)

The breast shape, symmetry or size is a definitive factor for femininity and it may have adverse psychological effects on women.

However, tuberous breasts are not just small boobs and they can also have adverse physical effects though they are generally smaller as proportioned to the body.

This underdevelopment of breasts can cause breast skin deficiencies or breast hypoplasia and many other issues.

So, it is corrected in Medgol through various methods aesthetically and healthily in a safe way differently from breast augmentation.

J. Nipple&Areola Correction&Reduction

This is a procedure for those who like their breasts but does not favour the shape or size of their nipples and/or areolas.

Their nipples can be too protrude or inverted. Or, some want puffier areolas while others want smaller ones. You can go through nipple and areola correction or nipple reduction procedure on the condition that you

·      Are not happy with the appearance of your nipples or areolas.

·      Experience falling or saggy nipples.

·      Have nipples that look at the ground or downwards.

·      Have large areolas or stretched skin.

·      Are completely healthy and does not suffer from any other issues and preferably are not smoking.

Other Operations including arms, abs, lower body and butts

A. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Tummy Tuck is another aesthetic surgery that aims to alter the appearance of the abdomen which is generally too loose or saggy decreasing self-esteem.

Tummy Tuck surgery makes the abdomen of the recipient thinner and firmer through removing the excess skin and fat from small incisions on the middle and lower abdomen. This results in the tightening the fascia and muscle of the abdominal wall.

B. Phalloplasty (Penile Surgery/Penis Enlargement)

Phalloplasty surgery involves the reconstruction of a penis so it is a reconstructive surgery but it can also be seen as a cosmetic procedure. Our surgeons perform this procedure on people who;

·         Suffer from micropenis

·         Suffer from Epispadias

·         Suffer from Hypospadias

·         Suffer from Any other congenital diseases

·         Suffer from lost penis

·         Wish to reassign their sex if they are going through a gender transition.

C. Gluteoplasty (Buttock Augmentation, Butt Implant)

Buttock augmentation is a plastic surgery in Turkey and it has both reconstructive and cosmetic aspects.

Reconstructive surgery of buttocks aims to correct congenital issues that affect the anatomy of the buttocks whereas cosmetic surgery of buttocks aims to contour, enlarge or enhance the appearance of the buttocks aesthetically.

In Medgol, you can benefit from our exclusive packages for affordable prices. Feel free to contact us and benefit from our free consultation service as soon as possible to achieve the desired buttocks of your life.

D. Brazilian Butt (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Brazilian Butt Lift gives you butt a rounded and full appearance through transferring some amount of fat to your buttocks from small incisions under general anaesthesia.

The fat is liposucted from other parts of your body such as stomach and thighs. With this butt lift surgery in Turkey, you can achieve those full and round Brazilian butts you see on models in a safe way.

E. Cryolipolysis (Excess Fat Removal)

This cosmetic procedure uses an advanced technology that freezes up the fat in a localized area to remove them. Our doctors cool your fats to -11 degrees in order to kill the cells that support the fat.

F. Labiaplasty (Labia Minora Reduction)

This cosmetic surgery in Turkey aims to alter two parts of the labia, lower and upper. These parts encircle the vulva of women.

Reconstructive labiaplasty treats congenital issues like intersex or vaginal atresia whereas cosmetic labiaplasty aims to change the shape or size of the vagina for aesthetic purposes.

G. Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

Arm lift is a surgical procedure in which the upper arms are reshaped and recontoured along with connecting the area of chest wall.

Sometimes, the skin of arms gets loosened and excessive fat accumulates under the skin creating an ugly and saggy look on the arms, this procedure gives you a fast and effective solution to achieve firm arms.

H. Thighplasty (Leg Lift)

Leg lift is a surgical procedure we perform in Medgol for affordable prices in which the thighs are reshaped and get a beautiful shape.

Over time, the skin of thighs and legs gets loosened and excessive fat is formed under the skin creating an ugly and saggy look on the thighs, Leg Lift surgery gives you a fast and effective solution to achieve firmer and aesthetically looking legs.

I. Liposuction (Suction Lipectomy/Body Contouring/Lipoplasty)

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body using a suction technique, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck.

This fat is taken with advanced technology in Medgol and used to perform tummy tuck or can be used for other procedures such as breast grafting.

Plastic surgery in ıstanbul or plastic surgery in Antalya?

Plastic surgery is primarily performed in Turkey’s two largest cities, Antalya and Istanbul. Although both cities are competent in the field of aesthetic surgery, Antalya has some significant advantages over Istanbul in terms of reconstructive surgery and the best plastic surgeons in Turkey.

To begin with, Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and suffers from overcrowding; in fact, due to Istanbul’s traffic problems, getting from your clinic to your lodging may be a difficult task. It has a population of 15.5 million people, which results in exceptionally long traffic congestion that can last for hours.

Antalya, on the other hand, has a population of 2.5 million people and has no traffic congestion. You can go anywhere you choose as quickly as possible, reducing the stress that might negatively impact aesthetic surgeries.

Another feature of Antalya is the Antalya Airport, which is related to transportation. If you examine Medgol’s exclusive packages presented at the bottom of this page, everything works smoothly in a flow that is easy to use, and you will obtain free airport pickups as well as free housing at moderate pricing.

Istanbul, on the other hand, contains one of Europe’s largest and busiest airports, which may be extremely chaotic at times. The overcrowding of individuals from all over the world causes the organization problem to arise periodically.

Antalya also has a hot, summer temperature, and the weather is quiet and moderate even in the winter. During your operation, you will be able to enjoy Antalya’s magnificent beaches as well as natural wonders such as green forests where you may go trekking or camping.

Temperatures in Istanbul, on the other hand, can drop to -10°C. As a result, it is prudent to mention that Antalya is far preferable for those who wish to undergo a plastic surgery in Turkey.

In Turkey, cosmetic surgery is more affordable in Antalya because everything, from souvenirs to restaurants, is considerably less expensive there than in Istanbul. An average daily cost is almost half of what it would be in Istanbul.

Antalya’s clear and clean air, because of its vast woodlands and pine forests, is another reason to visit. After breathing during your Antalya aesthetic surgery, you will have a sense of rebirth. This is due to the woodlands as well as the lack of significant industry in Antalya as a tourism city, as opposed to Istanbul’s massive industry.

Istanbul is undoubtedly a perfect city worth seeing and one of Turkey’s greatest treasures, but, for a medical traveller, the long traffic jams and trying to get to the hospital or clinic in Istanbul might be a nightmare.

plastic surgery in Antalya

Is it safe to go for a plastic surgery in Turkey?

Today, with the advancement and innovations in science and medicine, we have advanced technology to use in our operations.

These machineries made the safest cosmetic surgery in Turkey. You can go through any plastic surgery without the need of worrying about your safety.

Medgol has the best plastic surgeons in Turkey and they are experienced in their fields. So, safety is not a concern in our days thanks to the advanced technology and experienced plastic surgeons.

How do i find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey?

You can always benefit from our free consultation service and live meetings to get detailed information about the best plastic surgeons in Turkey. Our agents will be more than glad to assist you. In case of any questions, just feel free to contact us.

Cosmetic Genital Surgeries

Cosmetic plastic surgery in Turkey

As Medgol, we are more than a health clinic. Our team is consistent of people who wish to make sure about your satisfaction throughout each of the procedures. In Medgol, you will find more than the medical treatments you look for: care and sincerity.

Cosmetic plastic surgery in Turkey is done for some reasons by best plastic surgeons in Turkey, many women and men may feel less confident due to the shapes of their genitals. Because of this problem, their sexual and social life can be poorly affected. If your daily life and your psychology is bothered by this situation, you can consider having this procedure as it will fix your problem and grow your self-esteem. The surgeries involve the change of shape or size of labia, vulva, and penis.

Labiaplasty, Phalloplasty, Vaginoplasty are among the cosmetic genital surgeries that you may consider. Labiaplasty is the procedure that reduces the size of labia minora. Phalloplasty is the reconstruction of the penis and it can change the shape and size of it. Vaginoplasty on the other hand, is the reconstruction of the vagina. Breast Reduction surgery is used when someone has large breasts. Breast reduction method helps people to improve their physical activities and make a good shape to the breasts.

Cosmetic plastic surgery in Turkey

Price list and cost of plastic surgery in Turkey by Medgol

Examination€ 150.00
Breast Lift with Implants€ 3,850.00
Breast Lift or Breast Reduction€ 2,950.00
Breast Augmentation€ 3,100.00
Arm Lift€ 2,250.00
Leg Lift€ 2,550.00
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) + Single Area Liposuction€ 2,950.00
360 Lift or Back Lift + Single Area Liposuction€ 3,950.00
Rhinoplasty€ 1,950.00
Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty€ 2,350.00
Revision Rhinoplasty€ 4,150.00
Face & Neck Lift€ 4,150.00
Brow Lift€ 1,350.00
BISEKTOMI€ 1,050.00
Face or Breast Fat Injection€ 1,350.00
Liposuction Single Area€ 1,850.00
360 High Def Liposuction€ 2,950.00
BBL € 2,950.00
Butt Implant€ 4750 – € 5350
Gynecomastia (Liposuction)€ 2,150.00
Gynecomastia (Open Surgery)€ 2,450.00
Gynecomastia (Combined)€ 2,750.00
Genioplasty€ 2,950.00
Genioplasty with Implant€ 2,950.00
Otoplasty€ 1,550.00
Blefaroplasty Upper Eyelid€ 1,250.00
Blefaroplasty Lower Eyelid€ 1,750.00
Lip Lift€ 1,250.00
Cat Eye€ 1,400.00
Bichectomy (Hollywood Cheeks/Buccal Fat Removal)€ 1,200.00
Scar Revision€ 850.00
Nevus Excision€ 350.00

Medgol's exclusive packages for plastic surgery in Türkiye?

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey offers quite affordable prices because of the advancement in the field and exchange rates.

The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey, actually, is much more budget-friendly than the rest of the world, especially in Europe.

Most of the aesthetic procedures cost just a %20 of their cost in Europe. Also, turkey offers all-inclusive cosmetic surgery packages that not only cover your surgery costs but also cover a bunch of other things in the package such as your plane tickets and accommodation in a hotel.

Plastic surgery Turkey packages are fixed-priced and you will not have surplus expenses guaranteed by Medgol.

The elite plastic surgery Turkey prices can be found at the bottom of this page but here are some examples of our exclusive and elite packages.

Silver Travel Package

Plastic Surgery: All Hospital fees are included, transfers are free and without any hidden charges.
Euro1000 - 2000
  • Plastic Surgery
  • All Hospital Fees
  • Airport - Hospital - Hotel Transfers

Gold Travel Package

A more advanced offer for Plastic Surgeries: Free accommodation for 2 person (4 nights), Airport and Hotel Transfers are free.
2000 - 5000
  • Plastic Sleeve Surgery
  • All Hospital Fees
  • Airport - Hospital - Hotel Transfers
  • Free accommodation

Platinum Travel Package

Premium Medical travel treatment for Plastic Surgeries, serving all of your needs. Please Contact us for more details.
More Than 5000
  • Plastic Surgery
  • All Hospital Fees
  • 5 Star All Inclusive Hotel
  • Flight Ticket
  • All Transfers Type: VIP

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