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Gastric balloon in Antalya


Gastric balloon in Antalya

Gastric balloon As A Weight-loss Approach

A silicone balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach via an endoscope as part of the weight-loss procedure known as gastric balloon implantation, which has been authorized by the FDA. The fundamental premise behind the gastric balloon is that by wholly occupying your stomach with a balloon, you will be unable to eat as much as you usually would, and you will feel full more quickly. Weight loss is the outcome of this. The gastric balloon procedure can be an option for you if you’re worried about your weight and have tried unsuccessfully to shed it via diet and exercise. The procedure for a gastric balloon in Antalya has benefits, from the lowest price, best accommodation, top-notch facilities, and the best outcome possible. All of these are feasible since you choose Medgol Medical Tourism Center.

An adjustable balloon called a Spatz Gastric balloon is inserted and inflated into a patient’s stomach during an endoscopic procedure. The procedure will take about 30 minutes to complete. The Spatz Gastric Balloon is placed into the stomach and remains there for an entire year before being surgically removed using an endoscope. Your stomach will revert to its standard size and function when the gastric balloon in Antalya is removed, making it a temporary fix. The balloon may, however, be left in situ for up to six months.

What Should You Know About Gastric balloon in Antalya

An intra-gastric balloon, also known as a gastric balloon procedure in Antalya, is a non-surgical weight loss treatment meant to be used for a limited duration. It is a soft silicon balloon that is temporarily injected into your stomach to help fill it up a little bit and help you feel content after just consuming a little amount of food. You’ll feel less hungry thanks to this method, allowing you greater control over how much food you eat. You might use it as a stepping stone on your journey to a successful weight loss program. Patients who undergo gastric balloon surgery in Turkey get a weight-loss procedure that helps them get a head start on lifestyle changes.

If you adhere to the diet plan, you will be able to develop new, healthy eating habits and alter your lifestyle. You’ll be able to lose weight more quickly as a result. If you do it in this manner, you can prevent gaining the weight back. The gastric balloon in Antalya may be used as an alternative to surgery when a patient’s body mass index (BMI) is not high enough to justify it.

The space that a gastric balloon occupies in your stomach when it is inflated causes you to feel full more quickly and so requires you to eat less food. By ingesting fewer calories, you can lower the amount of weight you carry. On the other hand, if you often eat fatty meals, sweet drinks, or both, this strategy will be useless to you. After the procedure, the gastric balloon will make it simpler for you to become used to eating smaller meals and living a generally healthier lifestyle.

Gastric balloon in Antalya

After You Have Done Gastric Balloon in Antalya

Hopefully, you’ll be able to continue living and eating the way you’ve just been taught to after the gastric balloon is removed from your stomach. During and after the implantation of the balloon in your stomach, you will need to be committed to a closely regulated gastric balloon diet and a lifestyle change. One benefit of undergoing the gastric balloon in Antalya is that it offers a non-invasive, reversible alternative to surgical weight loss treatment and may help you create new, long-lasting eating habits.

Any health disorders linked to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, may be improved by weight loss. A critical advantage of gastric balloon surgery in Turkey is removing the need for invasive surgery and the associated health issues that come with it. The 15-minute operation will only need a little amount of sedation, and you may go home the same day. As a result, receiving a gastric balloon in Turkey is far less expensive than receiving many other surgical treatments.

The gastric balloon procedure is just a short-term fix that will help you as you start to lose weight and become more active. Between 30 and 40 percent of the body weight is often lost by gastric balloon surgery patients. Accordingly, the amount of weight a patient loses after a gastric balloon in Turkey will vary depending on their circumstances.

  • The majority of patients who have gastric balloon implantation in Turkey see considerable weight loss within three months after the treatment
  • Depending on their beginning weight, patients will generally have lost between 30 and 60 pounds by the six-month mark
  • A gastric balloon operation is far cheaper than the cost of weight reduction surgery
The procedure for a gastric balloon in Antalya has benefits, from the lowest price, best accommodation, top-notch facilities, and the best outcome possible.

Why Choose Medgol for Gastric Balloon in Antalya

At the Medgol Medical Tourism Center, we work as teams of specialists with the best equipment, and our main priority is maintaining the strictest weight loss procedures available. You have access to the latest innovative treatments, guidance, and other resources to help you reclaim your ideal state of health. It’s simply how things are done around here, and everyone can access top-notch medical care.

  • Our Staff Will Be There For You

Our nurses, doctors, and support personnel have more time to visit each patient individually since they concentrate on treating a relatively small number of patients. Every step of the way, they’ll be there for you, adjusting their medical care to your requirements and giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in good hands. As we guide you through each step of the process, we work together to demystify the weight loss process for you and provide you with the answers to all of your questions.

  • You Pay Less While Give The Best Outcome Possible

Your individualized treatment program will be laid up for you, with every detail taken care of so you can focus on yourself. You may talk with one of our professionals by making the required preparations with our staff member who specializes in making special appointments. During the session, we will discuss your aims and expectations for the treatment, including the gastric balloon in Antalya. We will go through all the possible dangers and adverse effects so that you fully comprehend the gastric balloon procedure.

  • A typical gastric balloon in the United States costs about $5,655 to $11,300
  • With Medgol’s packages, you may have a gastric balloon in Antalya for about $2,500 (accommodation, city tour, operation, etc.)

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