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Direct hair implant in Antalya


Direct hair implant

What Is Direct Hair Implant

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is a modern hair transplant technique. It involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area, usually the back of the scalp, and directly implanting them into the recipient area. DHI is without creating any incisions or holes. We offer direct hair implant in Antalya using a specialized tool called a Choi Implanter. Choi has a hollow needle that can create a tiny slit in the skin and simultaneously implant the hair follicle in a single step.

Process of Direct Hair Implant in Turkey

The first step is a consultation with a hair transplant specialist, who will evaluate the your hair loss pattern. Our specialist determines your suitability for the DHI procedure, and discusses your goals and expectations. The process of Direct Hair Implant in Antalya typically involves the following steps:

  • Hairline Design. After assessing the patient’s hair loss pattern and understanding the patient’s expectations, the hair transplant specialist will design a hairline. A hairline that is suitable for the patient’s facial structure, age, and gender. The hairline design will also take into consideration the direction and angle of the hair growth
  • Anesthesia. Before the DHI procedure, local anesthesia is administered to the scalp to numb the area where the hair follicles will be extracted and implanted
  • Extraction of Hair Follicles. Using a specialized tool, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, typically the back of the scalp, with a micro punch. The hair follicles are extracted one by one to minimize damage to the surrounding tissue and preserve the hair follicles
  • Sorting and Storage of Hair Follicles. After extraction, the hair follicles are stored in a nutrient solution to keep them healthy and viable until they are implanted
  • Implantation of Hair Follicles. The implantation of hair follicles is done using a Choi Implanter, which has a hollow needle that creates a tiny slit in the scalp and simultaneously implants the hair follicle in one step. The specialist implants the hair follicles one by one into the recipient area, following the natural hair growth pattern, to create a natural-looking hairline and overall appearance
  • Postoperative Care. After DHI, the patient is given instructions on how to take care of the newly implanted hair follicles, including how to avoid damaging the grafts, how to promote healing, and how to maintain proper hygiene
Direct hair implant in Antalya
Direct hair implant in turkey

Advantages of Direct Hair Implant in Antalya

The DHI technique is known for its precision, as it allows for the careful placement of individual hair follicles to create a natural-looking hairline. It also offers a fuller and thicker head’s hair. This technique also minimizes trauma to the scalp and reduces the risk of scarring since it does not require any incisions or holes. Some of the benefits of Direct Hair Implant in Antalya include the following:

  • Natural-looking results. The DHI technique allows for precise control over the angle, depth, and direction of hair follicle placement, which can result in a natural-looking hairline and overall appearance
  • Fast recovery time. Since the DHI technique does not involve any incisions or holes, there is minimal trauma to the scalp and a quicker recovery time than traditional hair transplant techniques
  • Minimal scarring. Direct Hair Implant in Antalya does not leave any visible scars on the scalp, which is especially important for individuals who like to wear their hair short
  • High success rate. The DHI technique has a high success rate and can provide long-lasting, permanent results

What Is Choi Implanter

A Choi Implanter is a specialized tool used in hair transplantation procedures, specifically for the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique. It is a pen-like device that has a hollow needle at the end, which is used to create tiny incisions in the scalp and simultaneously implant hair follicles in one step. The Choi Implanter was developed by Dr. Kyungpook Rhee in 1991 and has been widely used in the hair transplant industry ever since.

The Choi Implanter is designed to make the hair transplant procedure more efficient and precise. It enables hair transplant specialists to implant hair follicles directly into the scalp in a controlled and uniform manner. This helps to create a natural-looking hairline and overall appearance, with minimal scarring and a fast recovery time.

The Choi Implanter also helps to reduce trauma to the hair follicles during the hair transplant procedure, which can increase the survival rate of the implanted hair follicles. Additionally, it allows for a higher density of hair follicles to be planted in a given area, which can provide better coverage and fuller hair. Overall, the Choi Implanter is an essential tool used in Direct Hair Implant in Antalya, which can help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of hair transplant procedures and provide natural-looking results for patients with hair loss.

Who Meets the Requirements for a DHI Hair Transplant?

Nearly all adult females and males in need of a hair transplant in Antalya are eligible for a DHI procedure. The density of your natural hair and the number of grafts needed to reach the appropriate degree of hair coverage will help the top hospitals in Antalya determine whether you are a suitable candidate for DHI hair loss therapy.

It is crucial to stress that an immediate hair implant in Antalya can be carried out without the patient having their head completely shaved. Because they have to first reduce their hair before the treatment, people with long hair who are thinking about receiving a hair transplant often change their minds. Only a tiny amount of the patient’s hair is shaved while doing a female hair transplant or a long hair transplant utilizing the DHI hair transplant process. The remaining hair is left in place to cover or disguise the shaved region.

Medgol Medical Tourism Center; DHI for Males and Females

The price per graft for DHI may seem to be a little higher when compared to the cost of hair implants related to other hair transplant techniques. This is a result of the substantial amount of effort and expertise required for the treatment to be successful. Despite the fact that prices for DHI hair transplants are much higher in both European countries and the United States, patients from all over the world may benefit from the affordable and very high-quality DHI hair transplant operations that we provide at Medgol Medical Tourism Center. At Medgol Medical Tourism Center, you may be connected to the top clinics and hospitals that offer DHI at the lowest price possible. To have an incredible medical trip to Antalya, call us ASAP!

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