How Are Dental Crowns Performed in Antalya? | A Complete Guide

Dental crowns in Antalya


Dental crowns

Dental Crowns Are Among High Demand Treatments in Antalya

As a dental treatment, dental crowns are the part of the tooth that comes out from the surface of the gum and we chew food with them. In Antalya, dentists use dental crowns for a variety of purposes, including protecting an implanted tooth, holding a dental bridge in place, or repairing a broken tooth. When installed in the desired location, dental crowns may completely or partially cover the visible part of the tooth up to the gum line, depending on the purpose of its use or the health of the tooth. In this article, we are going to discuss the dental crowns in Antalya.

What Is a Dental Crown and When May You Need One?

The root of the tooth is located under it and inside the gum. A dental crown is an artificial coating that covers and protects the body (the visible part of the tooth) of the damaged tooth. When the dental crown is installed in place, it covers all the visible parts of the tooth and gives a flawless appearance to the tooth. In the following circumstances, dental crowns might be necessary:

  • To take care of weak teeth (for example, against decay) against breakage or to hold parts of the tooth that are cracked
  • To revive and restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has already worn down a lot
  • To cover and care for a tooth that has been filled with a lot of material when you don’t have much left in your mouth
  • To cover teeth that have lost their natural appearance or are suddenly discolored
Dental crowns in Antalya
Dental crowns in turkey

What Are Different Types of Dental Crowns in Antalya?

Dental veneers may be made of various materials. Permanent dental crowns are usually made of stainless steel, metal (like gold or another alloy), metal-based porcelain, resin, or ceramic, which we will explain below.

Stainless Steel Dental Crown in Antalya

Dental crowns made of stainless steel in Antalya are prefabricated crowns that are temporarily placed on permanent teeth. This stainless-steel crown will protect the tooth and its restoration when the permanent crown is made of other materials.

For children, a stainless-steel crown is usually used to place on the baby tooth, which will be prepared to fit the baby teeth. The tooth is fully protected from further decay by the crown, which covers the entire tooth.

When a baby tooth falls out to make room for a permanent tooth, the crown will naturally fall out with it. In general, stainless-steel crowns are used for children’s teeth in Antalya because they do not require multiple visits to the dentist and are therefore more cost-effective than custom-made crowns, including preventive dental care to protect uncrowned teeth.

Porcelain-Based Dental Crown Combined with Metal

Unlike metal crowns, metal-based porcelain dental crowns can match your adjacent teeth in terms of color. However, compared to metal and resin crowns, these types of crowns wear more against the opposite tooth than other types of crowns. The porcelain part of the crown can also be chipped or broken.

Along with all-ceramic crowns, metal-based porcelain crowns are more similar to regular teeth. However, occasionally a dark line caused by the metal beneath the porcelain crown can be seen, especially at the gum line and more so if your gums recede. For front or back teeth as well as long bridges where metal is necessary for the crown’s strength, these crowns can be a good option.

Full Resin Dental Crown in Antalya

Fully bonded crowns are made from a combination of tooth-colored plastics that are non-toxic and in the form of glass beads. This type of crown is the most economical type of crown, but it wears more easily than other crowns. Compared to crowns made of porcelain, which are bonded to precious metals, they are more likely to break. In many cases, bonded crowns are used as temporary crowns instead of long-term, permanent crowns.

What Are the Procedures Before Dental Crowns in Antalya?

Before starting the dental crown operation, your dentist in Antalya will numb the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. In the next step, the tooth and its surface and edges on which the crown is placed will be shaved to a certain amount to provide an environment for the crown.

What Are the Procedures After Shaving the Teeth for Dental Crowns?

When the teeth are reshaped, the dentist uses a special paste or putty to make the part of the tooth where the crown is going to be placed. Using the method of removing the tooth crown from the upper part as well as the lower part of the tooth to place the tooth crown is done so that the doctor can make sure that your teeth fit together naturally.

In the dental laboratory, scans are used to make a dental crown. This process usually takes two to three weeks, and then it is delivered to you. If you use a porcelain crown, your dentist should choose a color that matches the color of your natural teeth.

How Long Does a Dental Crown Last?

The life of the dental crown is determined by various factors, but in general, the dental crown can be used for at least ten to fifteen years. Choosing an experienced dentist in Antalya, taking proper care to prevent decay and damage to the mouth and teeth or gum disease, and avoiding bad habits such as teeth grinding, chewing ice or nails will have an effect throughout its life.

Medgol: Your Guide to the Best Dental Crown Services in Antalya

The dental crown forms the appearance of our teeth. It gives vital in maintaining the appearance and beauty of the face and the design of the smile. So, the crown of the tooth can be used both efficiently and optimally in eating, and it is important for us in the appearance and design of the smile and beauty.

Medgol health tourism provides services, including dental treatment, for people who would like to take a trip to Antalya, Turkey, to do their clinical procedures as well as enjoy this beautiful city. If you think that you need a dental crown in Antalya, Medgol will help you find the best clinics at reasonable prices as well as provide you with accommodation services. For more information, please contact our experts.

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