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A breast lift Turkey is a cost-effective and risk-free procedure. In Turkey, patients can benefit from new technologies and high-quality service standards.

Furthermore, breast lift overseas provides high-quality services at reasonable prices. Many women who want their breasts to look firmer, perkier, and younger travel to Turkey for a breast lift.

Breast lift in Turkey assisted by MedGol provides some of the best plastic surgeons in the country, a personalized treatment plan, an affordable price, and a 100% satisfaction rate with our breast lift surgery. We use cutting-edge technology, top-tier facilities, and advanced methods to ensure that you get the best results possible.

During your consultation with your specialist, you will be able to discuss what you would like to have and what you are concerned about, while also Ask about the details and how to perform the surgery.

You may be wondering how to find the best surgeon at a reasonable cost. As a result, you can rely on MedGol to provide the best packages for you. MedGol attempts to address all of your concerns and questions in this article.


What is breast lift surgery?

Mastopexy is another term for breast lift surgery or breast uplift surgery.

Women are exposed to a variety of factors that can affect the shape of their breasts throughout their lives. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, gravity, maturing, or heredity can all cause breast changes and skin flexibility loss, as can breast lift. Breast augmentation and embedding should be combined to provide the perfect finish for these patients, in order to regain a more tastefully satisfying shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and to move forward after significant weight loss.

The Mastopexy method can alter the course of time, returning you to the boobs you had a long time ago. Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that allows breasts to be lifted to a better position. During boob lift surgery, the plastic surgeon can also perform a nipple reduction, which means the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple is reduced in size.

When you look in the mirror, you may notice that you are not as young as you once were, or that you have lost your youthful body. a breast lift may be a good option if you want to get rid of this problem.

After breast lift from turkey, the shape, projection, and symmetry of your breasts will improve, and your breasts will appear younger. You’ll feel much better after putting on and taking off your dress, and you’ll have more confidence.

Breast lift surgery is performed through entry points on your breasts, and there are a few entry point strategies. Your plastic surgeon will choose the best framework for your mastopexy based on the size and shape of your breasts, the flexibility of your skin, and the shape of your breast drooping to give you the firm breasts you require.


Who is a good candidate for breast lift surgery?

A good candidate for breast lift surgery should meet the following requirements:

  • Women who breasts have sagged as a result of significant weight loss
  • Young breasts, for the most part, point up or out until you begins to push the projection of the breasts downward. Breast Lift turkey, is the best option for women who want to restore their breasts to their previous position.
  • Women who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their breasts and want more attractive breasts.
  • Women who require larger or smaller breasts for a variety of reasons must consult with their surgeon before undergoing surgery.

Pros and cons of breast lift surgery

Like all surgeries, breast life surgery has its own pros and cons.

Pros of breast lift surgery:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Having fuller and rounder breasts
  • Changing the position of the nipples
  • Getting rid of sagging breasts
  • Improving body beauty

Aside from these benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Cons of breast lift surgery:

  • All the characteristic dangers and complications of surgery are included in a breast lift strategy. The chance of complications is higher in more seasoned ladies enduring from diabetes and hypertension.
  • Sometimes, women may create deviated breasts taking after the surgery. There may moreover be a loss of sensation within the breasts or areolas, briefly or for all time, taking after the surgery. Significant scarring may happen after the breast lift surgery.
  • This may cause a parcel of deformation. Wound partition, swelling, bruising, dim scars and diseases are the other common complications included with this strategy. This may hold on for a few months or longer.


Types of breast lift surgery in Turkey


Breast lift without scars

Breast uplift is a corrective treatment that corrects drooping and shaky breasts, but women are hesitant because of the scars that remain. A scarless breast lift allows women to reshape and lift their breasts while removing the treated area. This procedure is carried out by skilled plastic surgeons who use a combination of skin repair and liposuction.

Non- surgical breast uplift

Non-surgical breast uplift methods are those that do not require any entry points or cuts. In addition, no general anesthesia is required. Non-surgical strategies are far more secure because they avoid the risks of mastopexy, such as disease and scarring. Laser strategies, thermage, botox infusions, and other techniques can be used in this manner.

Vampire breast lift

VBL, or vampire breast lift, is promoted as a non-surgical breast lift procedure. Unlike traditional breast enlargement, which uses cuts, VBL uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) infusions to make the breasts slightly fuller and firmer. He takes the patient’s blood, puts it through a centrifuge to separate the PRP, and then puts it back into the chest.

Why is Turkey a popular destination for breast lift?

Breast lift in Turkey is one of the most well-known restorative tourism treatments among international patients. Most nearby clinics in Turkey provide this strategy, and Turkey breast lift is demonstrated by the best clinics and specialists who have proven to be world-class experts in this field. All plastic surgery procedures in Turkey are performed in accordance with international quality standards and at a low cost. That’s why patients all over the world gravitate toward plastic surgery in Turkey. Here are a few reasons to help you understand why a Turkish breast lift is right for you:

  • The turkey government employs top specialists, enables research, and provides patients with lower-cost medications. Aside from that, the airport network, which includes luxury hotels, tourism, and total packages, has made this country an appealing treatment destination.
  • Turkey Breast Lift package provides all of these services to clients at reasonable prices, much lower than in the United States and the European Union. Rhinoplasty, for example, costs between £3000 and £5000 in the UK, but starts at £1500 in Turkey. In some places, they are 90% less expensive than in the West, and in some cases, even less expensive than in Asia.
  • People from Europe can easily travel to Turkey. The longest flight is four hours long.
  • Turkey has visa-free access to more than 70 countries, and citizens of more than 110 countries can visit without a visa. The procedure is extremely simple, the time required is short, and the cost is low.

Why is breast lift operation cheap in Turkey?

Because of lower life costs, breast lift operations are inexpensive in Turkey. Comparing Turkey to the United Kingdom and other European countries in terms of the cost of living and education reveals startling differences.

This means that low living costs, charges, cash, and government endowments result in lower costs, allowing Turkish clinics to provide quality care at a negligible cost. MedGol also provides all-inclusive bundles that include a variety of breast lift turkey services that would be more costly if performed separately.

Is it safe to have a breast lift in Turkey?

Having a breast lift in Turkey is safe because of these factors:

  • Breast Lift turkey are done by specialists with fifteen years of experience.
  • Before undergoing a breast lift in Turkey, you will be informed of all surgical procedures.
  • With the services of Medgol, you will enjoy airport-hotel-clinic transfer
  • You stay in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul with 5-star benefits.

How much does breast lift surgery cost in Turkey?

Breast lift surgery in Turkey is less expensive than in most European and Asian countries. Breast lift surgery is a popular cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure in Turkey among women who want to change the position of their breasts for a variety of reasons such as breastfeeding, aging, excessive weight loss, and so on.

In special turkey Breast Lift package, MedGol offers the best prices and high-quality clinics.

In Turkey, a breast lift is usually performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. However, it can be performed as a stand-alone procedure in women who do not require or desire a change in the size, shape, or contour of their breasts. A breast lift only helps lift the location of the breasts for a better aesthetic appearance.

The following table shows the market price of turkey in various cities:

Izmir2,500 €
Istanbul3,200 €
Ankara2,750 €
Antalya2,250 €


Breast lift in Turkey before and after photos

Does health insurance cover breast lift?

Since breast lift method is an aesthetic surgery that’s not secured by insurance.

But if the surgeon reports that the breasts are causing back & neck pain, the cost of breast reduction surgery in Turkey can be covered by insurance.

However, this issue isn’t examined in breast lift strategies.

 How long does breast lift last?

A breast is an organ made up of both breast tissue and fat tissue.Additionally, breast tissue is delicate to hormones. In cases where patients’ bodyweight changes quickly after the surgery, drooping may repeat in breast tissue. The same circumstance, moreover, applies to pregnancy.

In general terms, patients can expect to enjoy their breast lift for 10 to 15 years on average, although some women can keep their breast shape longer after surgery.

Is a breast lift really worth it?

Breast lifts are most beneficial to women who want to restore some of the normal shape of their breasts. Because this method does not include volume, it gives an extremely natural look and feel, which may be a good option for ladies who already have a lot of normal breast tissue.

What age should I get a breast lift?

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 25, you have a completely formed breasts, and are concerned about breast stretching or downward-pointing areolas, you’re a good candidate for Breast Lift Turkey.

If your age is over 25 and you are not satisfied with the shape of your breasts, you can use the turkey Breast Lift package.

How long does breast lift take in Turkey?

Despite the fact that the term varies depending on the surgery procedure, breast lift methods typically take about 3 hours.

Following surgery, patients have two channels that are evacuated within two days. After this type of surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, we hospitalize our patients for one night. After the drains are removed, there is no need for wound dressing, and patients can shower two days later. Patients are required to wear sports bras after surgery and for a period of six weeks.

How to choose the best breast lift surgeon in Turkey?

MedGol can help you find the best breast lift surgeon in Turkey. We collaborate with only the best clinics and surgeons. Our special turkey Breast Lift package include all of your costs. For more information, please contact us.

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