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Teeth Whitening In Antalya


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening In Turkey

A simple cosmetic and dental procedure which is called teeth whitening not only makes your smile more attractive but also aids in removing ugly flaws, stains, and discoloration from the teeth. This process is helpful for those who wish to enhance the appearance of their smile while ensuring that it seems entirely natural. While teeth whitening is something that can be done anywhere in the world, Turkey offers many more noteworthy advantages. Turkey offers affordable prices for dental operations like teeth whitening in Antalya, which is unquestionably the most valuable asset the nation has to offer.

If you go to other countries, such as the United Kingdom or the United States, getting your teeth whitened will be very expensive and involve a lot of extra costs. On the other side, there won’t be any extra costs in Antalya, so all you’ll have to pay for is the treatment itself. The option to travel across the country while having therapy is another perk of the treatment package you will receive. But does the affordable price imply that the level of service quality is equally poor or subpar? Never a chance in a million!

Teeth Whitening In Antalya

Tooth discoloration may be caused by a number of things, including foods and drinks people eat, their age, the medicines they take, an injury, or an infection. The long-term consequences of having whiter teeth differ from person to person since everyone has their own particular qualities. It is realistic to assume that patients’ teeth whitening in Antalya will have a lasting impact for at least six months. However, keep in mind that depending on your diet and how well you care for your dental health, the effects of teeth whitening could last for up to a year.

The time it takes to whiten your teeth and how effectively it works will depend on how committed you are to the advised aftercare. Avoid colored foods and beverages like coffee, Coke, and red wine as much as you can if you want to keep your teeth white and prevent dental damage. Regular tooth brushing and the use of mouthwash may prevent stains and cavities from forming on your teeth. Additionally, dentists advise quitting smoking as the best way to maintain white teeth. You should be aware that you may need to make a few little tweaks once every few months if you want to keep your teeth white over the long run.

Teeth Whitening In Antalya
Teeth Whitening In turkey

Teeth Whitening Process

The technique with the slightest danger is teeth whitening under the guidance of dental specialists. Your dentist will look into the underlying reason of your tooth discolouration, gauge how sensitive your teeth are, and assess the potential outcomes of the teeth-whitening operation. Therefore, going to the dentist for teeth whitening may be the safest course of action. Depending on the state of your teeth, the treatment session might last thirty to ninety minutes. It carries no danger whatsoever.

Another technique for teeth whitening that does not put you at risk for any health problems is a combination of in-office and at-home treatments. An at-home teeth whitening procedure uses a teeth whitening kit provided by your dentist. If money is tight, you may want to think about receiving treatment at home. However, keep in mind that depending on the state of your teeth and the outcomes you hope to achieve, your dentist might suggest that you have a teeth-whitening procedure performed in a clinic rather than at home.

Why Having Your Teeth Whitening in Antalya

In the past ten to fifteen years, Turkey’s dental industry has grown astronomically. According to a recent study, Turkey’s dental industry has grown by 25% over the previous five years. Between 2020 and 2021, approximately 100,000 foreigners underwent dental procedures like implants, dental crowns, or veneers in Antalya’s clinics. The number of people undergoing these procedures rises yearly. Given the ongoing growth in this industry, Antalya should be on your list of potential treatment locations for teeth whitening. On the other hand, since so many individuals visit dentists’ offices each year, our dentists and staff have a lot of information and are qualified to handle a wide range of dental problems.

Another critical factor is that if you choose to come here, you won’t have to wait on a waiting list for weeks or months to have an appointment with a qualified dentist. The whole process is easy and straightforward, starting with making an appointment and going through therapy and a post-treatment exam. You are never more than one step away from a customer service agent who can guide you through the whole process step by step to simplify and explain everything for you.

Teeth Whitening Cost Comparison

The cost of the teeth whitening procedure is perhaps one of the most critical advantages available to patients in Antalya. The price of teeth whitening in Antalya has fallen due to the Turkish lira relative to other European currencies. Despite the fact that the prices are relatively affordable, the quality of the services is not in the slightest degree subpar. The kind of whitening treatment you choose should largely depend on your tastes and needs since there are many different types available.

You may choose between having your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office or by combining an in-office whitening procedure with at-home whitening. Which option you choose will depend on the state of your teeth and the severity of the stains or discoloration. Although costs differ from treatment to treatment, on average, they are still remarkably low because there are never any unforeseen or additional costs at any stage of the treatment process. The following chart displays the pricing range of teeth-whitening procedures in Antalya in contrast to the exorbitant prices found in the United States and Europe.

Whitening Type


The US

The UK

Opalescence Boost Office

$110 – $150

$400 – $800

$400 – $1,200

Opalescence Home and office

$185 – $250

$475 – $1000

$500 – $1,500

Opalescence Home

$110 – $150

$300 – $500

$400 – $850

Medgol Medical Tourism Center; Teeth Whitening In Antalya

A single smile may communicate a depth of meaning that is indescribable.  Your smile might represent a variety of emotions, such as joy, love, and enthusiasm. Your smile may be utilized as a tool to convey charm, self-assurance, and a glimpse of your personality, in addition to acting as the main point of your face. Our aim at the Medgol Medical Tourism Center is to give you a smile that seems to be in excellent health so that it can accentuate the natural beauty of your face. You won’t have to worry about paying any extra fees since we provide customized treatment packages that are entirely affordable. From the airport to the operation room and even giving you a tour of the city, we will be there for you.

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