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Facelift in Turkey

A facial aesthetic is a procedure designed to make a person’s face look like it has undergone more current work. Depending on the patient’s demands, procedures – in Antalya’s best clinics – might be exceedingly invasive or less invasive. Surgery may be used to perform targeted operations, face remodeling, and skin modifications, all of which can assist in restoring facial symmetry. Localized face concerns like wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, and scars may be treated with non-surgical techniques like a facelift in Antalya. These techniques may target specific face components at different depths. Facelift in Antalya is the first technique that springs to mind when considering cosmetic facial procedures. 

Who Are The Best Candidates for a Facelift in Antalya

The best candidates for a facelift in Antalya are healthy individuals who are 35 to 40 years old and have aging signs on their faces. Facelifting will still be effective in your 70s, although the skin’s decreased suppleness may limit the results. The operating room is the only place where face and neck lifts may be performed safely. Remember to make arrangements for someone to accompany you to the hospital after the surgery. Other examples of facial aesthetics in Antalya – outside of facelifts – include brow lifts, eyelid surgeries, rhinoplasty, canthoplasty, and buccal fat removal. The best candidates for a facelift in Antalya are:

  • Individuals who want to improve one or more of the indications of aging listed above are the target audience for this procedure
  • Those individuals who have high elasticity in their facial skin
  • Who are interested in enhancing the look of their face and neck
  • One who has a sufficient level of health and does not smoke (or can stop smoking for a while)
Facelift in Antalya

Why People Choose Antalya for A Facelift

In Antalya, a facelift is one of today’s most well-known and regarded restorative procedures. A facelift in Antalya is routinely carried out on a sizable number of people who come from other countries to Turkey. The main goal of this medical procedure is to make the skin on your face seem younger and smoother. Nowadays, the main factors contributing to skin aging include pollution, stress, sun exposure, and a lack of downtime.

These factors may significantly worsen having an aged face. But hospitals and cosmetic clinics may help you rejuvenate your face so that it seems younger and more attractive following the change.  Thanks to the best and most up-to-date technology as well as the best experts who have undergone exceptional training, we at Medgol Medical Tourism Center can help you feel better and look fantastic. 

Spending anything from USD 3,500 to just over USD 5,000 on a facelift procedure in Antalya is conceivable. This is the question that is now occupying everyone’s mind. Why is a facelift so much less expensive in Antalya, Turkey? This is for a variety of very significant reasons. Our medical facilities are typical of the finest quality. The expenses are frequently one-third of what they would be in the United States or Europe. The medical staff has developed specific abilities in a range of cosmetic procedures. Our website leads you to a gallery where you can see before and after pictures of patients who had a facelift in Antalya with our assistance.


Different Types of Facelift Procedure In Antalya

In general, we offer two types of facelifts in Antalya to our patients from other countries. These are Mini facelift and Standard facelift.

Mini Facelift

Excellent candidates for a mini-facelift often have skin that has started to sag and a modest degree of jowling. A correction specialist may mend deep face tissues with this less invasive surgery and with fewer incisions. These incisions are often made above each ear along the hairline or in the folds that naturally surround the ear. At these entry points, the essential tissues around the cheeks are lifted and mended to address jowling, polish the facial structure, and restore the appearance of being “drained.”

Depending on the situation, a minor facelift in Antalya may be performed under general anesthetic or local anesthetic and sedation. Your cosmetic specialist will select the approach most suited to your unique needs. By getting a mini-facelift, you may be able to put off the need for more extensive surgery for many years. By doing this, you’ll be able to tackle undesired signs of aging before they get out of hand.

Standard Facelift

A more thorough treatment for moderate to severe age indications in the center of the face and the neck is a typical or “conventional” facelift. While the medical procedures are more extensive than those for a mini-facelift, this necessitates a lengthier period of recovery. Also, the outcomes are more dramatic because of the expanded scope of the procedure. Our cosmetic surgeons can use entry points found just behind the hairline, beginning close to the temples and around the front of the ear to reposition the deeper tissues beneath the skin. They remove excess skin to smooth creases and eliminate jowling and sagging skin under the chin.

Our best Turkish doctors restore a naturally younger contour to your face and neck. Just glancing behind the hairline, beginning at the temples, and around the front of the ear will reveal these entrance spots.

Medgol Medical Tourism Center; Facelift in Antalya

A combination of specialist medical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and attentive, compassionate care is needed to provide excellent clinical outcomes. We provide patients access to healthcare at the Medgol Medical Tourism Center, which is on par with the finest in the world. Travel to and from the airport and accommodations in top hotels near our medical facilities (hospitals and clinics) are included in our special facelift packages. These are just a few examples of the particular arrangements we are making for our international patients.

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