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Chin implant in Antalya


Chin implant

What Is A Chin implant?

In the science of aesthetics, for a person to have a beautiful face, the proportion between the parts of the face is considered one of the important factors. The beauty of the chin depends on factors such as the shape of the lower jaw teeth and the shape and size of the nose. This is an outpatient surgery in which the person is taken under local anesthesia. Then by cutting the person’s mouth, the prosthesis is inserted into the jaw. In this article, we are going to discuss chin implant in Antalya.

Chin Implant in Antalya

Receding and small chin is a disorder that some people face. As a result of this complication, the person’s face does not look beautiful, especially from the profile view. In such cases, the chin needs correction because the bones of the face and jaw are out of balance relative to each other. The operation of a chin prosthesis to change the position of the chin is technically called genioplasty. A chin implant is used to change the shape, enlarge, bring the chin forward, and change it in general. These changes can be done with surgery as well as injections. Chin implant surgery is one of the most common cosmetic chin surgeries in people. This type of implant includes the use of artificial materials that are placed in the lower part of the face (chin area) during surgery to create a more beautiful shape for the chin. These implants have different types and shapes, according to the angle of the face, the right type of these implants is selected and placed in each person. Antalya has experienced doctors who skillfully perform chin implants.
Chin implant in Antalya

How Is Chin and Lower Jaw Implant Performed?

Chin implant surgery is usually performed with mild anesthesia or by anesthetic drugs or under general anesthesia. After anesthesia, a surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth or on the skin under the chin. Before surgery, the size and shape of the chin implant are determined.

Then the desired implant is inserted through the cut area and connected to the jaw by screws. Next, the cut areas are sutured. Chin implant surgery usually takes one to two hours.

Chin implant

How A Chin Is Planted?

A chin implant is mainly performed under local anesthesia, so you are awake while doing it and you can see the operation process. But due to the use of anesthesia in the surgical site, you will not feel any pain. To place the prosthesis in the patient’s chin, the chin prosthodontist makes a fine incision in his mouth or under his chin and embeds the prosthesis inside the incision, and finally stitches the incision.

It should be noted that plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists are qualified to perform chin prosthesis and with the help of this surgery, they create harmony and balance between the components of the face and chin, jaw, cheek, and forehead. Antalya has a good history of being equipped with specialized centers in the field of cosmetic surgery and chin implants.

What Materials Are Chin Prostheses Made Of?

Prostheses are available in different shapes and sizes to meet every person’s needs and are mainly made of silicone. The prosthesis is completely similar to the natural chin bone. Therefore, if it is performed by the best chin implant surgeons in Turkey, it will be almost impossible to recognize that you had a cosmetic procedure.

Chin Implant Surgical Incisions

There are two methods for placing a chin prosthesis: intraoral incision and the incision under the chin. In intraoral incision, an incision is made inside the mouth, that is, in the area of the lower lip that is connected to the gums. The wound caused by this surgery is not visible, but it is more difficult to place the prosthesis and the possibility of infection is higher.

On the other hand, with an incision under the chin, an external incision is made in the fold area under the chin. As a result, it is easy for the chin prosthodontist to place the prosthesis and its installation will be more accurate. In this method, the surgical site will be visible, but it will disappear to a large extent following the post-operative care and over time.

Who Are Suitable Candidates For Chin Implants?

In general, people who have a big double chin and a fat neck, people who have a receding chin, people whose chin is pointed or square, and people whose small chin has caused the nose to enlarge on their face. are suitable candidates for chin implants.

Recovery Process After Chin Implant

Most people who have undergone chin implants can return to work within a week after the surgery. In order to reduce possible pain after this surgery, the doctor may prescribe painkillers and drugs that prevent swelling. However, after the operation, there may be some swelling and inflammation in the chin area, which will improve after a week. Chin implant specialists in Antalya guide patients on what to do to achieve their desired result in the shortest possible time.

After the surgery, the patient may be given a protective clip that should be worn while sleeping for a few weeks after the surgery so that the chin implant does not move during the recovery period. Although the changes are visible immediately after the operation, the final results after the surgery will be determined after three to four weeks due to swelling.

Medgol: The Pioneer Of Medical Tourism Services In Antalya

Chin implant is performed on people who need their chin to be pushed forward or made bigger. To perform chin implant surgery, be sure to consult a good surgeon so that all dimensions of your face are examined before surgery. Medgol is a medical tourism service center that helps patients find the best medical solution at a reasonable price in Antalya. Contact our experts to learn about Medgol’s services and arrange pre-operative and post-operative accommodation in Antalya, Turkey.

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