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What to do in Antalya, the city of wonders?

Antalya is a city of wonders where you will have no time to ask what to do in Antalya thanks to the countless activities it offers. In this Medgol guide, we will take you through a journey into the beauties, wonders and fun activities you can find plentily in Antalya.

Rafting, these canyons will be remembered for ever!

Rafting is a fun activity that involves sliding boats through a canyon. Many tourists enjoy it since it is one of the greatest and most interesting activities available in Antalya.

Each boat has ten persons on board as well as a skilled captain. Each individual is outfitted with a life jacket, a hat, and a shovel. Rafting is available at Antalya’s Beşkonak, in the 14-kilometer-long Koprulukanyon canyon.

Tourists enjoy swimming here because the water is so pristine and clean. They also like getting wet on the boats with each other.

After these trips, the guests consume the locals’ fish and poultry. They view the shoots that are created throughout the boat cruise while listening to music during the dinner.

Camping is more fund if you have green, blue and history at the same place!

Antalya’s great climate and nature also attracts those who love to take their tents and go camping.

There are innumerous camping sites in Antalya, as well as natural forest where you can set your tent freely and enjoy your camping in silence and harmony with your significant other.

The camping sites and facilities offer various features such as electricity, safety, shower and drinking water as well as delicious meals if you do not prepare your own meal.

Kumluca,, Demre, Olympos Ancient City, Kas, Kalkan and many more places are among those where you can go camping. For example, you can go hiking in the forests of Kumluca, near the Pirate Bay. Or, you can go swimming in the beautiful and blue sea under the golden sunshine.

Diving into that beautiful see will give you perspective!

Another enjoyable sport to consider in Antalya is diving. Many visitors try scuba diving in Kemer, which has numerous gorgeous beaches. Thousands of people participate in ship trips in Kemer, traveling through several gorgeous beaches to be taught and dive in two separate locations.

Each visitor has their own personal trainer. Many beautiful fish may be found in the deeps of the water, and if you desire, you can take them in your hands and photograph them.

You may also go swimming on these lovely beaches. You may also enjoy wonderful fish throughout your trip on the ship. With these trips, you may have a fantastic day and get valuable experience.

Ship Tour (Herem Maldiv), from islands to waterfalls, this must be a dream!

The Harem Maldiv Tour is one of Antalya’s most popular tourist ships, and it’s a stunning white ship with five floors. There is a restaurant on the first story, a bar and dance floor on the second, seats and dancing locations on the third and fourth floors, and a Turkish Bath on the fifth floor where you may shower and sunbathe.

On this excursion, there is a plenty of food and drink. When the ship departs the port, one of Antalya’s greatest DJs plays music that draws everyone to the dance floor to have a good time.

Everyone swims near the island of Sican Adasi, where the ship docks. The ship then proceeds to Duden Waterfall.

Duden Waterfall is the largest waterfall in the Mediterranean region, measuring 40 meters in length. Swimmers can also be found near the waterfall.

They eat at the restaurant before the trip concludes, listening to the soothing sounds of the waterfall. Tourists may choose from a variety of foods, salads, and drinks. This trip will provide you with a fantastic day.

Quad Safari, are you ready to be thrilled?

Quad Safari is a thrilling excursion that takes place in the woods. You may move through various curved and curled canyons and streets with a four-wheeled engine, which will be an interesting and pleasant experience.

These motors may be utilized by either one person or two people. You should take a hot shower after this excursion because you will be covered in dirt. The excursions are around three hours long.

Buggy Safari, prepare yourself, this will be tough!

A buggy safari trip is another a fun option that will offer you a feeling of adrenaline. This excursion is also done in a four-wheeled vehicle with a driver and a passenger. In addition, this journey takes place in a twisted forest.

Despite the fact that these automobiles are meant to keep you safe from harm, we nonetheless advise visitors to be cautious. This trip is likewise roughly 3 hours long.

Turkish Bath, age-proof tradition of Turkey!

The Turkish bath is one of Antalya’s oldest traditions, dating back over 3000 years. People would travel to these baths in Roman Baslikay times, before and after the conflict, in the assumption that they would bring them both luck and strength.

The flooring of Turkish baths are made of marble and mosaics. These bathtubs are constructed in a stunning manner. Tourists are scrubbed clean with foams here. Then they are massaged with specific oils that relieve them of their fatigue.

Antalya offers a plethora of gorgeous and spacious Turkish spas that tourists from all over the world adore.

Antalya Aquarium, the biggest of its kind in the world!

Antalya Aquarium is one of the world’s largest, with a tunnel of 131 meters in length and 3 meters in width. Many animal species, including sharks, may be found in the aquarium.

Near the main one, there are four other structures. 3D Cinema, Snowboard, Face2Face Wax Museum, and Wild Park are among them. A 10-minute film is shown at the 3D Cinema.

It is advised that you wear a jacket on the Snowboard since it is really chilly. Even on the hottest summer day, this area will make it feel like winter.

There are also several remarkable Eskimo dwellings there. This excursion is highly recommended for families with children who like the Aquarium.

Land of Legends where the dreams come true!

Another attraction in Belek, 30 kilometers from Antalya, is the Land of Legends Theme Park. Another attraction in Antalya worth visiting is the Land of Legends.

This park is part of a magnificent hotel that is unlike any other in the world. There are eight large swimming pools and 43 slides at this park. A dolphin show, a 5D theater, and a jacuzzi are all available.

There are two fantastic roller coasters here as well. You may not only rest, but also feel excited by participating in a variety of activities at this park. We strongly advise you to do this tour as well.

Old Town (Kaleici) with its castles, rockbars, ships and more!

Old Town is an old city by the see with old houses, a marina and beautiful bars. The fun never ceases to echo in Old Town as there are lots of people there in every hour of the day, including nights.

You can find exquisite restaurants if you prefer to go to marina. However, you should make a decision first. You can both prefer to walk through old streets covered with souvenir stores or you can use the free elevator to directly reach the marina.

The restaurants there offer you a wide selection of fish dishes along with raki and other alcoholic beverages. You can enjoy your meal watching the ships go and get by constantly.

If you prefer to go to bar part of Kaleici, you can find a wide range of bars from rockbars to shotbars. There are fun events and games organized there all the time. You have the chance of getting to know the local people of Antalya in Kaleici.

Ski Center that allows you to swim and ski in a single day!

It may sound interesting at first glance but despite the Mediterranean climate, Antalya offers a ski center.

Saklikent National Park is a place visited by thousands of tourists every month because of its exquisite canyons and nature. Yet, the most critical part is Saklikent Ski Center which allows ski lovers to enjoy the mountain.

Even more interestingly, in the same day, you can go to the sea for a swim under the sunshine, you can go have a barbeque in Tunektepe picnic area after enjoying the cable car there, and go to Saklikent Ski Center in an hour, in a single day!

We definitely recommend you to consider spending at lest 1 night in Saklikent Hotels and enjoy the silence there for a night.

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