Cardiovascular Surgery in Antalya | Different Types of Open Heart Surgery In Turkey

Cardiovascular Surgery in Antalya


Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery in Turkey

Turkey routinely ranks as one of the best countries in the world for health care because of its cutting-edge infrastructure, highly skilled medical staff, and an extensive array of treatment choices. The main driver of the expansion of the health tourism business is the ease with which patients can access JCI-accredited and luxurious medical facilities. In addition to all these opportunities, Turkey is a popular alternative for those who want to get treatment in another country since it is a tourist destination and costs lower than those of other nations. Cardiovascular surgery in Antalya may save you time and money. The good news is that over ten different cardiovascular surgeries are being done right now in the great hospitals of Antalya for foreigners.

Cardiovascular Surgery in Antalya

A cardiologist in Antalya will perform various diagnostic tests to find a cardiac murmur or an arrhythmia, which is an abnormal heartbeat or pace. Other diagnostic techniques that are often used to determine the problem’s nature include the following:

  • ECG or EKG: A recording device that keeps track of the electrical activity of the heart is called an electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Ambulatory ECG: An electrocardiogram called an ambulatory ECG tracks a person’s heartbeat while they move about or go about their daily activities. During the process, small metal electrodes are adhered to the chest’s surface using glue and attached to a monitor so that the heartbeats may be monitored
  • Exercise test: The exercise test aims to contrast the subject’s heart rhythm at rest with that after the activity. This device assesses the heart’s potential as well as its limitations
  • Cardiac catheterization: A small tube is inserted into or near the heart during cardiac catheterization in order to collect data and, if required, to relieve any blockages that may be present. The procedure may be carried out without having to open the chest. As the doctor checks the electrical system and the functioning of the heart, a camera is secured to the catheter and takes pictures with its attached lens
  • Echocardiogram: A diagnostic technique called echocardiography makes use of ultrasonography to create an image of the architecture of the heart chambers and the areas just surrounding them. It identifies any structural issues as well as how well the heart is moving blood throughout the body. The doctor may conduct an echocardiography test to determine the heart output
Cardiovascular Surgery in Antalya

Different Types of Cardiovascular Surgery in Antalya

Numerous famous international organizations, such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and others, have accredited the bulk of these medical institutions. Numerous specialist referral teaching cardiology clinics can be found in Antalya, where they provide patients with comprehensive treatment regimens using cutting-edge and evolving medical technology. There is more than ten cardiovascular surgery in Antalya.

  • Venous (Varicose Veins) Surgery: Varicose veins are visible beneath the skin. It’s everywhere, but the legs show it the most. Vein valves direct blood flow to the heart. When these valves malfunction, blood flow reverses, and leakage produces venous pooling
  • Mitral Valve Conventional (Classic, Open) Surgery: Mitral valve surgery replaces or repairs the valve that lets blood flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle. Heart valves assist in circulating blood. It stops blood flow when the valve shuts. Mitral valve surgery opens the rib cage to approach the heart
  • Aortic Valve Surgery Conventional (Classic, open) Surgery: Aortic valve surgery repairs the valve that controls blood flow from the left ventricle to the body via the aorta. It replaces or repairs the blood-passing aortic valve
  • Coronary or Vascular Ballon Angioplasty: In the Angio Unit, this surgery is carried out while under local anesthetic. The patients are kept under observation for six hours after the treatment before being released the same day or the next day. The operation could be repeated in a few days, depending on the patient’s diagnosis
  • Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Coronary artery bypass surgery with left micro thoracotomy, which has become increasingly popular in recent years and is more pleasant for patients, is often recommended
  • Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery: Mitral valve surgery with right micro thoracotomy is chosen because it is more pleasant for the patient and has become increasingly common in recent years

Medgol Health Tourism Center; Cardiovascular Surgery in Antalya

With a wide range of treatment choices, Antalya is a top location for medical tourism. Cardiology is one of the most advanced and popular medical disciplines in our country. At the Medgol Health Tourism Center in Antalya, we often encounter patients from a range of countries. Antalya hospitals provide top-notch medical care at affordable prices and unique accommodations and services catered to the requirements of patients from different nations.

When compared to the expense of receiving the same treatment in other countries, such as the United States of America and European nations, cardiovascular surgery in Antalya is far less expensive. Patients from other countries may be able to take advantage of this and save a substantial sum of money. The many hospitals and healthcare facilities in Antalya that provide top-notch clinical and patient care may be of use to visitors from other nations. Plus, we at Medgol Health Tourism Center ensure that the healthcare provided to you is reliable and secure. 

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