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What is Dermatology?

Beauty has long been a concern of humans and they have always tried to look beautiful in the eyes of other people. A person’s face and hair are always the first part that comes to the audience’s eyes when communicating. The healthier and blemish-free the skin is, the more beautiful the face looks. For this reason, the beauty and health of the skin and hair play an important role in making a person look beautiful. A dermatologist is a type of doctor who examines the conditions and problems of hair, skin, and nails and provides the best necessary treatments with an accurate diagnosis. In this article, we are going to discuss dermatology in Antalya, Turkey.

The importance of skin and hair health

When you assess your body, you will notice that the skin is the largest part of the body. Although this member has no movement, it is an important one. Among the most important roles of the skin in maintaining the health of the body, the following can be mentioned:

  • The skin acts as a protective layer for the body against environmental damage and injuries such as infections and bacteria
  • By receiving sunlight, it provides the vitamin D needed by the body
  • It prevents the body from absorbing the harmful rays of the sun
  • It is responsible for transmitting sensation to the body
  • It regulates body temperature
Dermatology in Antalya

Dermatology services in Antalya

When the skin or hair is involved with problems and diseases for various reasons, it damages your beauty more than anything else. For this reason, the first solution that comes to mind is to visit a good skin and hair specialist doctor or a dermatologist. This beauty specialist treats problems with the help of medicine or modern technologies. Dermatology services in Antalya are divided into two parts: treatment and beauty, which you will learn about each of these services below.


Skin and Hair Treatment Services in Antalya

When the skin and hair suffer from various problems, the specialist solves the problems with the help of medicines and complementary treatments. Choosing the best dermatologist in Antalya can help you a lot in speeding up the treatment of diseases in this field. A good dermatologist will treat your problems using the latest techniques and devices. Some skin diseases include:

Boils, Acne, and Eczema

Acne is a common skin problem. The severity of this problem is at its peak during adolescence, and in some people, it will cause pimples to remain. The treatment of skin acne and pimples needs to be referred to the best dermatologist so that the treatment is done correctly and no traces of acne remain on the skin. Acne may have various causes, including hormonal problems and changes, improper nutrition, skin pollution, stress, etc.

Another type of skin disease that is included in the category of allergic diseases is eczema and skin inflammation. Eczema can be both severe and mild. This problem can be controlled with the help of appropriate drugs prescribed by a dermatologist. Medicine is prescribed based on the problem and severity of eczema.

Vitiligo (PC)

Vitiligo disease, which is also known as spots and patches, is a relatively common skin disease that is associated with the loss of skin melanin and the appearance of colored spots on the skin. This disease is also known as leprosy. The dermatologist solves this problem with the help of drug therapy and laser therapy, as well as modern methods, including micro needling.

Psoriasis Treatment in Antalya

One of the most common types of skin disease is psoriasis, which is a type of autoimmune skin disease. Psoriasis is associated with redness and thickening of the skin. This disease is usually treated with topical treatments, light therapy, and systemic medications.

The most important causes of psoriasis include genetic problems, viral and bacterial infections, stress, obesity, and alcohol and tobacco addiction. Visiting a good dermatologist in Antalya can help you treat this disease quickly.

Treatment of Fungal Skin Infection

Skin fungi are caused by different causes and have different types. These fungi are the cause of skin itching and cause blisters or flaking in different areas of the skin. The treatment of this problem is based on the type of fungus and should be done under the supervision of a good skin and hair specialist.

Skin Wart Treatment

Skin warts are one of the most common problems caused by a virus called human papilloma. The dermatologist removes skin warts with the help of wart cryotherapy, radiosurgery, and laser therapy. Of course, nowadays there are newer ways to treat skin warts that can be performed by the best dermatologists in Antalya.

Hair Loss Treatment in Antalya

The most common problem for which many people turn to a dermatologist, or hair and beauty specialist for treatment in Antalya is hair loss. Hair loss has various causes, the most important of which are genetics, nutrition, changes in life patterns and habits, hormonal problems, extreme stress, sudden weight loss, etc.

After diagnosing the cause of hair loss, the doctor solves the problem of hair loss with appropriate treatment. Nano fat injection and mesotherapy are two effective and useful methods in the treatment of hair loss in Antalya. If the hair loss cannot be controlled and the person has male pattern hair loss due to genetic reasons, the doctor will have to transplant hair, which has different types.

Treatment of Skin Cancers

One of the most important skin diseases is cancer, including melanoma and carcinoma, which can be cured if diagnosed and treated on time. Fortunately, there are very skilled dermatologists in Antalya who can help people with this disease.

Advantages of Dermatology in Antalya

One of the most important advantages of dermatology in Antalya is providing all services in the field of skin and hair health. The treatment of skin and hair complications and problems is done in a specialized and principled way by investigating the cause in a specialized skin and hair clinic. Among other benefits of dermatology in Antalya, the following can be mentioned:

  • Providing services at reasonable prices compared to dermatology clinics in Europe and the United States
  • Use of modern devices
  • Use of quality drugs
  • Providing advice before doing beauty treatments
  • Providing beauty services by skilled doctors
  • Respect for clients

Medgol: Your Guide to Dermatology in Antalya

In order to get the best results from skin and hair services, you should visit a good dermatologist. One of the most affordable ways to treat your skin is to use dermatology services in Antalya. With a stellar history as a medical tourism service center, Medgol helps you find the best dermatologists in Antalya at affordable prices. Here at Medgol, we provide accommodation services before and after the operation. To obtain information about dermatology in Antalya and to use Medgol’s services, contact our experts.

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