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Neonatology in Antalya



Neonatology in Turkey

The first 28 days of a person’s life, which are the most important, are covered in the dedicated department of Neonatology in Antalya. It has ample infrastructure and qualified medical personnel and is manned constantly for twenty-four hours every day of the week. Experts with training in neonatology are in charge of the care. These institutions have the sole privately operated critical care unit and newborn section in Antalya. They are dedicated to foreigners who choose Antalya to bear their babies. Medgol, as one of the top Medical Tourism Centers in Antalya, is where you may find the best services regarding Neonatology in Antalya.

Neonatology in Antalya

The medical specialty of neonatology in Antalya focuses on treating newborn infants and those who are sick or were born prematurely. When the name “neonatology” is broken down into its constituent elements, which are taken from several different terms, it relates to the phrase “science of the newborn.” A neonatologist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of newborns and babies. It’s reasonable to argue that “neonatologist” is just “baby doctor” with a better, more formal term.

A NICU, or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, is a specialized area of the hospital that is devoted to caring for newborns suffering from severe illnesses. The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is often positioned in a site that is geographically apart from the nursery where babies are cared for while they grow typically (the nursery is always located near the rooms for the mothers). Our personnel working in the newborn nursery and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staff are two separate entities.

The critical functions of the patients have been recorded and monitored in incubators, including those related to problems like being preterm (delivered early), having a lower birth weight, being icteritous, and having congenital disabilities, among others. Given that the baby was born preterm, the newborn’s lungs need surfactant treatment in addition to the mechanical breathing equipment used in the unit. Also, neonates’ bedside roentgen radiographs and echocardiographic examinations may be done in urgent situations. A portable roentgen device, an ultrasound device, an echocardiography device, and other devices may be used.

Neonatology in Antalya

Problems and Illnesses That Are Cured Neonatology in Antalya

Around half of the infants admitted to neonatal intensive care units are full-term infants (born after 37 weeks), while the other half are preterm infants or infants born too early. Premature infants are those born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, while full-term babies are born after that (before 37 weeks gestation). Premature births are not seen as “sick” births, at least not when they are first brought into the world. So why do they need to be in a critical care facility and Neonatology in Antalya? This is because their body’s many systems and organs haven’t fully developed, which might lead to several problems that need the assistance of qualified experts and regular monitoring. For instance:

  • Preterm newborns may need additional oxygen and/or the assistance of a ventilator to sustain normal breathing because of the immaturity of the lungs (“respirator”)
  • Preterm neonates need to be kept in an incubator or on a radiant warmer at all times since they are prone to being chilly due to their large surface area to volume ratio and little body fat
  • Preterm neonates are more likely than full-term babies to acquire jaundice because the liver has little time to grow. Jaundice may potentially damage the brain if it is severe enough
  • Preterm babies are far more likely to become sick because their immune systems have not had time to mature
  • The digestive systems of many preterm babies cannot adequately absorb breast milk because the stomach and intestines are not fully developed. They must instead receive part of their nutrition through an IV
  • Many preterm babies cannot breathe regularly and consistently independently without assistance because their brains have not fully developed. They also have trouble sucking, swallowing, and breathing in a coordinated way without choking

Services Provided in Antalya for Foreign Moms

Preterm infants and mothers in serious conditions are treated round-the-clock by the Division of Neonatology in Antalya. Since we are a member of the best pediatric hospitals in the country, we provide expert treatment for kids with a variety of challenging conditions, easy access to any specialist services that may be necessary, and an entire range of surgical methods for newborns and infants. We can provide families in Antalya access to top-notch newborn care because our neonatologists also practice at top-notch hospitals.

  • Neonatal Airway: It is entirely focused on diagnosing, managing, and monitoring all newborns and babies with significant airway issues. Extreme prematurity-related issues, genetic disorders, congenital birth deformities, vascular tumors, and acquired upper airway, vocal cord, or other tracheal-airway issues are a few examples of these issues
  • Focused Ultrasound Education (FUSED): It has committed to integrating bedside ultrasound into the setting of clinical treatment for infants and children. Children often present with symptoms that are challenging to diagnose based only on the findings of a physical examination or laboratory tests
  • Breastfeeding and Lactation: One of your most essential duties as a new mother will be to breastfeed your baby’s child. The lactation specialists at the neonatology department in Antalya can help you start the pumping procedure so that you may donate breast milk to your kid even if you have never considered breastfeeding in the past
  • Neonatal Craniofacial: Infants, kids, and teenagers with a broad range of congenital, genetic, and acquired abnormalities of the head, face, and jaw may get the expert diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care from the neonatology in Antalya. These disorders may be inherited or developed later in life

Medgol Medical Tourism Center; Neonatology in Antalya

Neonatology in Antalya collaborates closely with professionals from various hospital departments to provide kids with the comprehensive care they need. Whatever time of day or night, patients have access to all pediatric subspecialties. The personnel from Medgol Medical Tourism Center work closely with the best hospitals in Antalya to make sure that all procedures, operations, and post-care are efficiently managed. Our team ensures patients have quick access to referrals and consultations with one of our neonatal doctors. We have developed specific expertise in treating severe micrognathia caused by various disorders in recent years. 

Our dedicated team works closely with foreign couples who come to Antalya for their kids’ illnesses to identify and track infants. We also provide treatments that might be helpful, such as mandibular distraction osteogenesis. Most of the time, we can treat these patients in a way that avoids the necessity for a tracheostomy.

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