Neurology in Antalya | Why People Come to Turkey for Their Central Nervous System Treatment

Neurology in Antalya



Neurology in Turkey

The central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, which make up the nervous system, control the internal organs and systems of the human body. The brain and spinal cord make up the first component, while the nerves that emerge from the brain and spinal cord make up the second. It is typical for the internal organs to also be impacted when there is a neurological system issue. Let’s find out why so many people choose Turkey for their treatments regarding neurology in Antalya.

Neurology in Antalya; Neurologist and Neurosurgeon

In addition to the brain, spinal cord, and muscles, the nervous system may also be impacted by diseases, traumas, and ailments that are addressed by both neurosurgery and neurology in Antalya. Their respective meanings are pretty close. The medical professionals who manage this sector of medicine need to have a thorough understanding of the problem in order to give therapy, which may be in the form of medicines or surgical procedures.

Doctors that specialize in neurology in Antalya help patients who have neurological problems. On the other hand, professionals in the field of neurosurgery are known as neurosurgeons. One of the many duties of a neurologist is the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions that affect the nervous system, the brain, and the tissues that support these organs. They may focus on treating patients who have both acute pain and incapacitating chronic pain. A neurosurgeon, on the other hand, is qualified to carry out a variety of operations, such as open surgery, endoscopic microsurgery, and radiation treatment. The specialist is prepared to handle challenging situations in their line of work, including brain traumas, strokes, tumors, and aneurysms. 

Neurology in Antalya

The Rule of Neurologists in Antalya's Top Hospitals

In many cases, neurologists act as diagnosticians, identifying and locating issues that need the care of a neurosurgeon. After a consultation with a neurologist, a neurosurgeon would typically perform surgical operations to resolve or eradicate a problem. The best neurosurgeons in Antalya have advanced training and are highly skilled in interventional neuroradiology, pediatric neurosurgery, and skull-base treatments. The best neurosurgeon in Antalya will not only provide you with the best care available but will also do it in a way that shows empathy and kindness.

You may expect to discover cutting-edge medical equipment, catheter-based and minimally invasive endoscopic treatments, world-class services and neurological care, a range of small devices for fortifying and mending blood vessels, and more in the finest hospitals with a focus on neurology in Antalya. Thus, neurology and neurosurgery is an important area of expertise that requires practitioners to have a thorough understanding of them.

Neurology in Antalya

Procedures of Neurology In Antalya

  • All Elective Craniotomies: This illness may be distinguished from others by the existence of a traumatic brain injury, brain lesions, or a blood clot in the brain. After any elective craniotomy, patients may stay in the hospital for anywhere between 15 and 30 days, with the possibility of a whole month. The cost of any and all elective craniotomies varies significantly from patient to patient. Since you choose Medgol Medical Center, we ensure that your fees are less than what you think in neurology in Antalya
  • All Intra-dural Spinal Surgeries Including implant: In this branch of neurology, the neurologist is in charge of carrying out all types of spinal operations to cure conditions that damage the spinal nerve or spinal cord. These surgeries, which may include involving the equipment required for the technique and spine fusion surgery, are some instances. To boost spinal capacity with the aid of fusion setup, all intra-dural spinal treatments must employ spine fusion instruments
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries/Stereotactic Procedures: The nerves termed brachial plexuses that control the feelings and motions of the upper limbs come from the neck region and branch out to link with other nerves. The brachial plexus may be restored surgically using a number of techniques, such as muscle, nerve, and nerve graft transfers. Neurosurgeons can insert a needle into the lesion with a great deal more accuracy using the stereotactic technique
  • Chronic sub-dual hematoma: Blood breakdown and the accumulation of blood breakdown products in the gaps between the dura mater and the veins and surfaces of the brain cause the disease known as a chronic sub-dual hematoma. This illness might cause a lot of discomforts. The best technique to identify the warning signs and symptoms of a persistent subdural hemorrhage is with an MRI or CT scan

Common Reasons to Visit a Neurologist

Our doctors’ most important tool as neurologists is a thorough neurological examination. It could help detect and localize the causes of common illnesses. In general, these are signs that it is time to visit a top neurologist in Antalya.

  • Chronic or severe headaches: Make an appointment with a neurologist if you suffer from migraines, especially if the symptoms are linked to neurological impairments or previous therapies have failed. You should think about getting referred to a neurologist if your pain is chronic and your primary care physician cannot help you manage it. Sometimes there may be another underlying explanation for the symptoms
  • Dizziness: Vertigo (the sensation that you are spinning) or trouble balancing might be symptoms of a more serious condition
  • Numbness or tingling: Numbness or tingling may indicate a stroke or other severe disease, significantly if it just affects one side of the body or appears quickly
  • Movement problems and Memory problems: Walking difficulties, shuffling feet, tremors, and involuntary jerks are all potential symptoms of nervous system issues. Word muddles, behavioral changes, or worsening memory issues might all be symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Medgol Medical Tourism Center; Neurology in Antalya

We are here to provide the high-quality medical care service you need since we have more than enough years of experience. The Medgol Medical Tourism Center‘s discreet and impartial resources are available to patients with neurological conditions traveling to Antalya. Our objective in the area of neurology in Antalya is to provide a centralized gateway that patients from other countries may utilize to get easy and private treatment.

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