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Urology in Antalya


Price list of Urology in Antalya

Examination€ 150
Penis Enlargement€ 3,500
Premature Ejaculation€ 1,500
Hardening Problem€ 2,000
Vasectomy€ 4,000
Circumcision€ 1,500
Varicocele€ 3,000
P Shot€ 500

Urology in Turkey

Urologists are the most well-known experts on the urinary system for individuals of both sexes. Our doctors regarding urology in Antalya are among the best ones in the world. While diagnosing and treating female patients, urologists exclusively concentrate on bladder problems. The doctor intervenes to treat the children when they have enuresis, urinary infections, or genital or urinary deformities. Yet, in the case of males, this specialist fulfills a dual role since he deals with ailments that affect both the genital and urinary systems.

Urology in Antalya

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect men’s reproductive systems and urinary tracts are within the medical specialty of urology in Antalya. The medical specialty of urology focuses on conditions that might have an impact on a person’s genitourinary and urinary systems. It includes diseases and infections that may affect the kidneys, the renal collecting system, and ducts, as well as other components of the upper urinary tract, such as the bladder.

  • The lower urinary system, which furthermore consists of the urethra and vesica
  • The testicles, the para-testicles, the prostate gland, and the exterior and internal male genital organs, such as the penis (which may also need surgery to increase the penis)

The urologist will often start by going through the patient’s whole medical history, paying particular attention to any history of urological issues. Following that, he will do diagnostic procedures, including scans and a review of the patient’s blood and urine. There are a variety of situations when consulting with Antalya’s best-renowned urologist is a need. Instances of this include:

  • Burns sensations;
  • Blockages or discomfort while urinating;
  • Incontinence in females;
  • Sexually transmitted infections;
  • Prostate issues in males;
  • Male sexual health disorders.
Urology in Antalya

Urinary stones

Urinary stones are those that develop in the urinary system. When the levels of oxalate, phosphorus, and calcium in urine reach an extremely high level, stones may develop. Stones may either remain where they developed in the kidney or descend into the bladder. Kidney stones come in a variety of sizes. These might be in the renal canals, the ureteric tract, or the vesica. Due to the following adverse effects, when they stop urine from exiting the kidneys, this may result in severe discomfort:

  • Haematuria: Hematuria is characterized by the presence of blood in the urine. There are two different forms of hematuria. Gross hematuria refers to the presence of blood that is visible in the urine. Microscopic hematuria is a condition in which blood may be seen in the urine under a microscope or by doing a test on the urine, known as a urinalysis. This condition is not visible to the naked eye
  • Micturition disorders: Urinary disturbances may be divided into two groups: those that disrupt the bladder’s ability to store urine and those that impact the bladder’s ability to empty urine. The main signs that there is a storage function issue are frequency, urgency, and incontinence
Urology in Antalya

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is more likely to affect males over the age of 65 than younger men. It may take years for this particular kind of cancer to get to a size big enough to cause any symptoms. Like other types of cancer, prostate cancer may be treated more successfully if it is discovered while it is still treatable. Prostate cancer may infiltrate the human reproductive system’s gland. These things that set it apart from others are:

  • Difficulty passing urine
  • The presence of blood in the sperm or urine
  • Painful ejaculations
  • Hips and back pain

Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is purely curable in Turkey with the department of urology in Antalya. The cancer is caused by the transformation of a healthy kidney cell into a mutant cell. This cancerous cell multiplies into a lot of abnormal cells, which eventually causes a tumor to develop in the renal cortical tissue.

Malignant, slow-growing and benign kidney tumors are the three potential forms. Cancer is defined by a tumor’s capacity to grow and spread to other parts of the body. Cancerous tumors are malignant tumors. An indolent tumor is one that spreads slowly and is often referred to as such. That happens to specific individuals, but it’s not thought to be a life-threatening illness for them. An uncontrolled multiplication of benign cells that do not invade the surrounding tissues is what is known as a benign tumor.


The accumulation of fluid in a “pocket” that encircles the testis characterizes the non-cancerous condition known as hydrocele. This illness is not dangerous. It is common in young children and often goes away without any treatment. If the hydrocele does not heal on its own, it may need to be surgically removed (a procedure known as a hydrocelectomy). The urological surgeon often performs this approach as an outpatient surgical procedure. During a hydrocelectomy surgery, either general anesthesia or a localized anesthetic may be employed. The surgeon will make an incision in the lower abdomen or the scrotum to remove the hydrocele. The medical field of urology in Antalya focuses on identifying and treating diseases of the male reproductive system and urinary tract.

Urology Treatments in Antalya via Medgol

When you choose Medgol Medical Travel Center, you have the option of requesting an online consultation with one of our medical specialists in Antalya who specializes in urology. The top urologist in Antalya can help you by assessing your ailment and suggesting the best course of action. To get an idea of the typical expenses related to your medical treatment, you may submit a request for a quote by filling out our online form. You may also schedule a consultation appointment in one of Antalya’s most well-known clinics, hospitals, or other medical facilities. The members of our team will look into your file and your case thoroughly in order to provide you with informed advice.

Medgol Medical Tourism Center; Urology in Antalya

At the Medgol Medical Tourist Center, we differentiate ourselves by providing services that are centered on the patient, in addition to using cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. MEDGOL is the most outstanding health provider for international patients who go to Antalya because of our urologists who practice in the most prestigious hospitals in the city, our team of specialized physicians, and our vision that offers insight into the idea of health.

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