Hair transplant in Turkey vs Uk differences

Hair Transplant: Differences between Turkey and Uk


Turkey has now surpassed the highest level of medical, scientific, and technical advancements in the globe.

Doctors and surgeons in practice are demonstrating that they have the abilities and professionalism required for the emerging concept of medical tourism.

Hair Transplant Surgery is one of the most specialized and significant areas that spread in Turkey. Turkey is becoming more popular as a result of its increased success rates and all-inclusive holiday packages.  Also, Antalya is a beautiful city in turkey surrounded by blue seas, beaches, and mountains so you can enjoy your time and have a great holiday along with your treatment.

Donors can be taken from the back of the head, legs, beard, and chest.  These places do not lose hair as easy as the scalp. A local anesthetic is used in this procedure.


Now let’s see some of the differences and see who has the upper hand between Turkey and UK

The amount of grafts necessary, the surgeon’s expertise, the transplant technique, and other considerations all determine how much a clinic charges. A hair transplant in Turkey costs between $2000-$5000, according to our research. This is significantly cheaper than in other countries.

The average cost of FUE hair transplants in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, ranges from $4,000 to $15,000, depending on the number of grafts required.



  1. Affordable cost
  2. Great and sunny weather
  3. Kind and friendly people
  4. All-inclusive benefits
  5. Treatment package + vacation
  6. High success rate



  1. Top-notch health care system
  2. Cutting-edge facilities
  3. High success rate

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