What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lip Fillers?

Get To Know The Pros And Cons Of Lip Fillers

With age, the volume, height, and firmness of the lips decrease. Lip gel injection can be very useful to fix these changes and beautify the face. Fillers injection in antalya is one of the most popular methods to change the shape of the lips. However, you may be asking yourself what are the pros and cons of injecting lip fillers. While experts say this procedure is generally safe, you certainly don’t want an inexperienced person injecting fillers into your lips. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of injecting lip fillers.

pros and cons of lip fillers

Pros Of Lip Fillers

Using lip fillers has many advantages over other methods including fat and collagen. The most important thing is that the doctor has much more control over the amount of hyaluronic acid injection, and as a result, the injection will be more accurate. Also, lip fillers injection in antalya can be done in several steps to get the best result. The appearance of fillers can be easily fixed.

If there are any bumps and unevenness, these bumps will disappear with lip movements. Also, the lifespan of lip fillers is short-term, and if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of the lips, the lips will return to their original form after a few months. After the initial injection, you can check the appearance of the lips and consult your doctor to make minor corrections on the lips if needed.

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Bruising and swelling can be seen in filler injection, but compared to other methods, it is significantly less and heals in less time. There is no scar left on the face or lips, and after a few minutes, the person can continue his daily activities and does not need a recovery period. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the body and therefore the possibility of allergic reactions is very low. It is better to do a lidocaine or anesthetic sensitivity test as a precaution.

pros and cons of lip fillers in antalya

There Are Still Other Pros Of Lip Fillers!

Lip filler injection allows you to have more voluminous and symmetrical lips. In addition, it is possible to prevent the gums from appearing when laughing by adding volume to the upper lip. Other benefits of lip fillers are as follows:

  • Less bruising: The bruising and swelling of hyaluronic acid gel injection is less than other fillers
  • Acceptable durability of the results: Although the results of gel injection in the lips are not permanent, they have a satisfactory durability of about 6 months
  • Easy control of lip volume: the specialist can easily control the lip volume and get the desired result
  • Ease of removal and removal of bumps: If the movement of the lips or talking causes a lump or bump, the lump is easily solved and the problem is solved
  • Low probability of allergic reaction: Because the ingredients used in injectable gels are similar to the ingredients in the body, it is unlikely to cause allergies. However, if you are allergic to lidocaine, be sure to let your doctor know before treatment

Cons Of Lip Fillers

While temporary bruising is a common side effect of lip fillers injection, if this procedure is done by inexperienced individuals and not experienced doctors, there will be some serious complications such as permanent bleeding. Below are some of the most important cons of lip filler injection.

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It Can Cause Tissue Damage

When you introduce a foreign substance into your body, there are many risks involved. Therefore, it is very important to find a skilled and well-trained specialist to perform this beauty treatment. If you’re ready to try your first lip gel injection, make sure you find an experienced practitioner.

pros and cons of lip fillers

Is Lip Gel Injection Painful?

Fortunately, modern beauty can correct many defects even without surgical intervention. You can achieve the desired result by using different injection techniques. To inject lip gel, it is necessary to anesthetize the pain-sensitive area before injection, and with this method, the injection will be painless. Local anesthesia can be injected with an anesthetic needle or smeared with anesthetic ointment.

Lip Fillers Last Six To Nine Months

Contrary to what most people think that the effect of lip gel injection is permanent, it lasts less than a year. Most lip fillers last six to nine months depending on the frequency of lip movements. There are also newer fillers that last up to a year. Ask your doctor about the options you have to choose from and how long each one lasts.

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You May React Due To Sensitivity

Just like any other medical procedure, you may have an allergic reaction to the lip gel injection. This is rare but should be considered. Before undergoing any type of procedure, talk to your doctor about these more serious reactions and what treatment might be involved if you have an allergy.

There Are Some Fake Products That You Should Avoid

Another reason to go to a board-certified plastic surgeon is that they will use the highest quality compounds. The filler you use is important, so discuss the best option for you and your lips. The only products that should be injected into the lips are FDA-approved products that contain hyaluronic acid. Any other product has a high risk of irreversible bumps. Also, be aware of black market products with terrible side effects that are used illegally.

pros and cons of lip fillers in turkey

Pros Of Lip Fillers In Antalya—No Cons!

Now you know the pros and cons of lip fillers. It is very important to see an esthetician doctor for lip gel injections because they have a better understanding of facial anatomy. Going to a skillful doctor guarantees your health and brings you a natural injection without the slightest side effects!

Medgol Medical Tourism Services is well aware of people’s concerns and therefore introduces them to the best specialists in Antalya for lip fillers injection. You can perform your procedure with peace of mind and enjoy your travel to Antalya using Medgol services.

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