Types Of Botox | which one is right for you?

Give Beauty To Your Face With Different Types Of Botox

Paying attention to the beauty and rejuvenation of the face is very important, especially among women. One of the most common methods of rejuvenating and removing skin wrinkles is the use of Botox. This gel is injected into different muscles of the face and causes them to stand out. Botox is classified into different types according to the brands that produce it. Each of these is used for facial beauty and also has its own special and unique features. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the types of Botox.

types of botox in antalya

What Is Botox?

Botox is a compound made from a toxin called botulinum. When it comes to poison, it may seem a bit scary. But there is no need to worry at all! It is completely safe if used in controlled doses. Botox injection under the skin will paralyze the muscles in that area and eliminate facial wrinkles and create a younger appearance for a while.

Types of Botox

For many people, the question arises whether the Botox brand affects the final result and its durability. In general, each type of Botox has its application and is used in different parts of the face. Naturally, the higher the quality of Botox, the fewer side effects it will cause. Also, the effectiveness and durability of high-quality Botox are much higher. While each Botox has its advantages, in terms of efficacy, all Botox do one thing, and that is to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. In the following, we review the four types of Botox.

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The First Type

One of the most famous and reliable types of Botox is Dysport. This gel is English and has a great effect on removing facial wrinkles. Also, it has a great effect in removing thin and fine lines on the skin. This gel causes facial muscles to remain motionless. The protein in this gel distinguishes it from other types of Botox. This protein sends a message to the brain and the growth of wrinkles in the injected area is stopped.

types of botox

The Second Type

One of the best types of Botox used by many doctors is Neuronox. This brand is made in Korea and like other Botox brands, it is injected using a needle. It is also in soluble form and prevents sending premature aging messages to the brain and makes facial muscles contract more strongly. Injecting Neuronox into the face reduces muscle activity on the face and removes wrinkles over time, making the face younger and more beautiful.

People who use this solution between Botox types will see the changes on their faces 7 days after the injection. The durability of the performance after its injection is 4 to 6 months. One of the side effects of Neuronox is that the injection site may bruise a little, but it will disappear in a short time.

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The Third Type

Another important type of Botox is Xeomin. Its most common use is to remove and fade wrinkles on all parts of the face. The Xeomin solution, like other injectable solutions, prevents nerve messages from reaching the brain, and due to its function, facial muscles remain stable and no contraction will occur in them. The main difference between Xeomin and other types of Botox in antalya is that you don’t need to store it at a low temperature, which is why it’s easy to use and distribute in clinics.

Most dermatologists prefer to use the Xeomin first and then use other Botox brands. Since there are no additives in it, its performance is very high and strong. When Xeomin is injected, your body produces fewer antibodies than other solutions that are injected. People who inject this solution can see the result 10 days after the Xeomin injection. The life of Xeomin injection is 6 to 9 months.

types of botox in turkey

The Fourth Type

One of the newest types of Botox is Dermatox, which, in addition to removing wrinkles, is used to treat skin pores, scars, acne, etc. This botulinum toxin weakens and deactivates the muscle by blocking neuromuscular transmission. The entire treatment with this gel takes approximately 15 minutes and its effects fully appear on the skin one to two weeks after the injection. The life of Dermatox varies from three to nine months depending on various factors, including the injection site, the number of skin wrinkles, the person’s age, etc.

Is It Affordable To Travel To Antalya for Botox?

While the cost of Botox injection depends on the volume of the gel, the number of injections, and the area being treated, in general, the cost of Botox gel injection in Antalya is very affordable compared to other regions of the world. Also, it is done by the best specialists in Turkey. It should also be noted that the cost of traveling to Turkey and staying there for Botox injections is quite affordable.

Is Botox dangerous in Antalya?

Botox injections for beauty and other skin services are offered in Antalya. The materials and equipment of clinics in Antalya are among the most up-to-date and advanced facilities, so you may feel at ease about the quality and result of the operation.

In some cases, the side effects of botox injection in Antalya are not serious except for muscle weakness in the area around the injection site. If the injection is performed by expert and experienced doctors in Antalya, there will be no complications. So Botox injection in Antalya will not have any risk or complications for patients.

What Are The Benefits of Botox in Antalya?

Medgol Medical Tourism Service Center will help you find the best specialists for the beauty and rejuvenation of your skin in Antalya. Botox injection is done in the best clinics in Antalya and a safe and calm environment, observing all the health tips. The appropriate attitude of these clinics can also be very effective and useful in reducing your stress before a Botox injection. Before the injection, specialist doctors in Antalya will explain to you all the injection steps, techniques, materials used, and other points that you should know for your comfort and familiarization with the treatment or injection process.

types of botox in antalya

Medgol Is By Your Side To Rejuvenate Your Skin

According to global statistics, one of the most popular and popular methods used to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin is Botox injection. There are many doctors around the world who perform Botox injections to rejuvenate and remove facial skin wrinkles.

Antalya is the center of the best doctors for beauty and botox injections with competitive prices. Medical tourism services of Medgol in Antalya assure you that the final price of your Botox injection is in proportion to your desired result. For more information about staying in this beautiful city and making an appointment for Botox injections, please contact our experts.

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