The Gastric Balloon | Does Balloon Insertion Help To Lose Weight?

What Is Balloon Insertion and What Are Its Benefits?

Gastric balloon in antalya is one of the lean procedures in which a small balloon enters the stomach and prevents overeating. The gastric balloons successfully help individuals with BMI above 30 to lose weight in a relatively short time. If you think you are a good candidate for the gastric balloon operation, you can benefit from excellent medical services in Antalya at reasonable prices. In this article, by describing the efficacy of this method, we are going to answer the question: “does balloon insertion help to lose weight?”

balloon insertion in antalya

What Is a Gastric Balloon and Does It Help to Lose Weight?

The gastric balloon insertion is a temporary weight loss method. During this operation, an empty ball enters the stomach through an endoscope. Next, the ball gets filled with fluid and air so that it occupies much of the stomach volume and causes satiety and weight loss. In case you wonder “does balloon insertion help to lose weight?” the answer is yes because the balloon occupies a large volume of the stomach. Another mechanism of balloon insertion that helps to lose weight is by affecting gastric drainage and delaying gastric discharge.

In this operation, the specialist doctor performs the operation with the help of an endoscope and without any gaps or surgery. The endoscope is a narrow and flexible pipe with a lamp and a camera attached to it. Initially, the person is given weak anesthesia. The endoscope then enters the stomach through the mouth and esophagus.

The balloon is emptied before entering the stomach and the specialist surgeon fills it in the stomach with a sterile saline solution to reach the desired volume. Although this surgery is a little unpleasant, it is often painless. It takes about 15 minutes. Also, the person does not need to be hospitalized and can return home the same day.

balloon insertion

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Does Gastric Balloon Insertion Help to Lose Weight?

Experience and research show that gastric balloon results in weight loss of 50 to 70 percent over 6 months. However, some people can lose even more weight. For example, it has been seen that a person was able to reduce their weight by about 70% in the first three months after the ballooning. After losing weight, the balloon plays a greater role in helping you maintain the new weight.

Of course, you should consider that the weight you lose will depend on your initial weight. Also the healthy lifestyle you follow after gastric slimming balloon. There is no miracle in weight loss, so it is important to stay concentrated for long-term results.

In addition to weight loss, patients who choose the gastric balloon will also have a wide range of benefits, including healing from obesity-related diseases. The conditions of people who have the following problems will improve by performing the balloon:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Sleep apnea
  • Low back pain and arthritis
  • Self Confidence

The effect of a gastric balloon on your weight will be quite evident, and you will reach your desired weight in a short period of time. If you ask yourself “does balloon insertion help to lose weight?” you should know that this procedure is one of the slimming methods that has a lot of fans because of its non-invasive, effective nature.

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Is the Balloon Dangerous?

Gastric balloon insertion is an almost safe procedure, but if it is done by an inexperienced medical team, it can have complications. Pain and nausea appear after the balloon, which usually lasts only a few days after the balloon is placed and can be treated with oral medications.

In some cases, the balloon may be eliminated, in which case there is a risk that the balloon moves through the digestive tract and causes a blockage. Other side effects that may occur to some people are:

  • Stomach reflex
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Indigestion

These complications are temporary and resolve within a very short period. Of the rare risks and complications of the stomach balloon is the possibility of bursting as the balloon moves in the stomach, at which time it is best to undergo surgery immediately. This type of complication may occur due to factors. Other potential risks are ulcers or stomachs that may require surgery. To prevent such complications, it is best to see a gastrointestinal specialist in Antalya.

If “does balloon insertion help to lose weight?” is your question, it should be said that it is an effective method, but it should be done under an experienced medical team and also the post-treatment cares to play a vital role in achieving the desired result.

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The Benefits of Balloon Insertion in Weight Loss in Antalya

The presence of a balloon inside the stomach makes the patient feel more full than usual, which often makes it less. Another reason for using a gastric balloon is that it changes the level of appetite-controlling hormones and thus reduces appetite. The gastric balloon also reduces the gastric discharge rate. The amount of weight a person loses in this method also depends on lifestyle changes. Typically, 15 to 30 percent of the body’s surplus weight decreases over six months of the balloon.

After any weight loss procedure or even sleeve surgery in antalya, a significant weight may not be reduced or lost weight. Even if this method works properly but does not apply the recommended lifestyle, weight return may occur. Therefore, permanent healthy changes in the diet, along with regular physical activity and exercise, are essential to prevent weight return. So, an answer to the question “does balloon insertion help to lose weight?” is that it effectively aids people to overcome obesity.

balloon insertion in antalya

Medgol Helps You with Weight Loss by Balloon Insertion in Antalya

It is estimated that more than 1.4 million adults around the world are overweight, and these people often suffer from problems and complications of obesity, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart and brain diseases. An average weight loss of 5 to 10 percent is often enough to avoid these complications. In this regard, the gastric balloon is a very safe and harmless method. Thus far, you should have gotten the answer to your question “does balloon insertion help to lose weight?”

Medgol medical tourism services throughout the year help many people who choose Antalya as a tourism destination to benefit from the expertise of the best slimming clinics and experienced physicians at affordable prices. If you also want to do gastric balloon insertion in Antalya, contact our experts today to make the arrangements for your accommodation before and after the operation.

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