Gastric Ballooning | Benefits and Care after Balloon Operation

Ballooning and Necessary Care after Balloon Operation

Gastric ballooning is a procedure to treat obesity. In this method, a soft silicone bag (gastric balloon) enters the stomach through the mouth and is expanded by injecting normal saline or air into it. The balloon actually occupies a volume of the stomach and prevents the person from overeating and thus causing weight loss. This is one of the slimming operations performed in Antalya. While this operation is generally successful, the care after the procedure is of high importance to achieve the desired results. In this article, we are going to talk about care after a balloon operation.

Care after balloon operation

Gastric Balloon Operation in Antalya

Gastric ballooning is one of the slimming operations that is performed in Antalya. If you have made your decision to lose weight with a gastric balloon in Antalya, it is necessary to do tests and examinations such as pre-operative control blood test, pregnancy test, ECG, lung test, endoscopy, and chest radiography. Also, in order to measure your readiness to perform this procedure, a psychological counseling session will be held for you.

Then, by carefully following the gastric balloon preparation instructions provided by the best treatment teams in Antalya, you will prepare for the day of the operation. You may need restrictions in your diet the night before the operation or the use of certain medications with the doctor’s opinion.

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Is the Balloon a Surgery?

Gastric ballooning, also called endoscopic gastric ballooning, is an effective way to achieve balanced weight. It is a non-surgical weight loss procedure in which a special balloon is inserted into the stomach to occupy space and limit the stomach’s food capacity. This makes you feel full faster and allows you to limit your intake to smaller portions.

The specialist doctor performs this procedure with the help of an endoscope device without making any incisions or sleeve surgery in antalya. An endoscope is a narrow and flexible tube with a lamp and a camera attached to its head.

Care after balloon operation

The procedure is that the person is first given a weak sedative or anesthetic. Then, the endoscope device inserts the desired balloon, which is a bag similar to a silicone balloon, into the person’s stomach through the mouth and esophagus. The bladder is deflated before entering the stomach.

After the endoscope reaches the stomach, the slimming surgeon fills the balloon in the stomach with a solution called sterile saline solution, until the balloon reaches the desired volume. This operation is painless in most cases. The duration of the operation is about 15 minutes, so the patient does not need hospitalization and can return home on the same day of the operation.

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What Is the Success Rate of Losing Weight in a Balloon in Antalya?

Gastric balloon operation is one of the types of slimming operations performed in Antalya. Due to the expertise and experience of the doctors and the medical team in Antalya, this method is very successful, so that patients reach their desired weight after a short period of time with conducting appropriate care after balloon operation while experiencing the least possible side effects. Among the advantages of gastric ballooning in Antalya, we can mention the following:

  • Weight loss: Balloons can cause weight loss of 6 to 15% of the total body. Compared to a 1-5% weight loss with diet alone. The degree of weight loss also depends on the type of balloon used, with air-filled balloons having a greater weight loss than air-filled ones
  • Sustainable weight loss: although ballooning is a healthy, harmless, and effective way to lose weight, the weight loss may come back after the balloon is removed. In a study of 500 patients who underwent balloon placement for 8 months, only half of the patients lost 20% more weight after one year of removing the balloon, and only a quarter of the patients maintained this weight loss for 5 years, which means even a decrease Weight was maintained after gastric balloon removal and after 10 years there was no difference between balloon placement and lifestyle changes. Therefore, patients need care after balloon operation
  • Improvement of metabolic indicators: balloon has been shown to improve metabolic parameters such as fatty liver, diabetes, blood pressure, and joint pain in patients who have lost weight, improvement of polycystic ovaries, and return fertility

Care after balloon operation in turkey

Care after Balloon Operation

After placing the balloon in the stomach, be sure to contact your doctor regularly. Balloon weight loss has some subtleties that patients may be unaware of. But in the subsequent visits and referrals and the guidance of the gastroenterologist as well as the nutritionist in Antalya, they will definitely get a better result. General care after the balloon operation is as follows.

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Your position during sleep and rest

Be sure to sleep on your left shoulder and avoid sleeping in an arched position, on your right shoulder, or on your palm. When sleeping on your left shoulder, you should keep your head slightly above the body level to feel more comfortable.

Feeding method as care after balloon operation

Eat light meals during the first month. Eat slowly, when eating solid food, it is necessary to use small bites and chew the bite completely. Do not drink liquids during meals, but consume approximately 10 glasses of water throughout the day. Always leave an hour between food and drink. You should also keep in mind the following items:

  • Avoid carbonated liquids
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, coffee, chocolate drinks, artificial juice, soft drinks, and even diet type
  • Divide meals into three main meals. Do not eat anything between meals
  • Eat meat, fish, or chicken (without bones)
  • Vegetables and fruits are consumed in all meals and according to the season, use as many different types as possible
  • Do not lie down after eating
  • Avoid eating fatty foods such as pasta, pizza, sausages, sausages, sweets, especially creamy and wet sweets, chocolate, ice cream, fatty meats, and mayonnaise
  • Use dietary sweeteners such as Candrel to sweeten liquids
  • White meat (chicken breast or fish) filleted or boiled is preferred
  • Use low-fat dairy products. Use whole-grain diet bread
  • Instead of juice, use the fruit itself (variously)
  • It is necessary to take two multivitamin pills daily (until the end of the course).

Care after gastric balloon

Possible Dangers after the Balloon

In general, gastric ballooning is considered a safe and effective method in the short term. But if done under an inexperienced medical team, it can have side effects related to endoscopy or sedatives. About a third of people who have a balloon inserted into their stomach immediately experience pain and nausea, esophageal reflux, indigestion, abdominal bloating, and diarrhea caused by it. However, these symptoms are usually only felt for the first few days after balloon placement and can be treated with medication.

As a result of a poor operation, there is a possibility of it bursting or moving inside the digestive system and causing intestinal obstruction, which is considered a surgical emergency. Depending on the type of material inside, the leakage or bursting of the balloon sometimes appears as blue urine. Other risks and complications of gastric balloons include ulcers or holes in the stomach, which sometimes require surgery to repair. If you perform ballooning in Antalya and in case you conduct the care after the balloon operation, you can rest assured that you will not experience such severe side effects.

Care after balloon operation

Medgol Helps You Reach Your Desired Weight with Gastric Balloon

In addition to social and psychological problems such as fear of being present and working in public, depression, and inability to buy suitable clothes, obesity also causes important physical problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart and respiratory problems, digestive problems, and joint problems. Ballooning, along with doing care after the balloon operation, is an effective way to obtain the best results.

Medgol’s medical tourism services have a brilliant history in accommodation and introducing the best specialist doctors to perform gastric balloon operations on tourists from all over the world. You can come to Antalya for your beauty procedure to achieve your dream of having a fit body while enjoying this beautiful city.

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