BBL or Butt Implants – What Are the Differences?


Which one is the better option?


Brazilian butt lift

After a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon who invented it, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) was given that name. Fat is taken from one area of the body and injected into the buttocks to increase their size or improve their shape. In addition to injecting fat into the rear during a BBL, a surgeon might also remove any extra skin from the area.

Although the Brazilian butt lift is likely the most well-known in Turkey, there are many more ways to develop a bigger, rounder butt. There are also butt implants available; despite being less common, these might be a better option for some people. Additionally, you will save a ton of money if you get your butt done in Turkey.


Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift

Compared to implants, BBL has a lot of benefits, the most significant of which is that the results look more natural. Since the surgeon injects your own fat into the buttocks, the final result appears more natural than with implants. BBL also results in results that appear more natural.

It’s not uncommon to be able to see the outline of an implant through the skin when it comes to implants. BBL also has the benefit of combining a lift and body shaping into a single procedure. The physician begins the procedure by using liposuction to remove fat from your body. This means that wherever there is extra fat on your body, including your tummy, hips, and thighs, it may be eliminated.


Butt implants

In that they enlarge the buttocks, implants function similarly to breast implants. Since it can withstand the pressure and strain without flattening or deforming, silicone is frequently used to fill implants. Breast and butt implants both available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Others are circular, while others are oval. It is possible to get implants with a pebbly texture or ones with a smooth texture.


Advantages of Butt Implants

Butt implants might be a better alternative for certain people. The only option if you are really skinny and lack sufficient body fat to transfer is buttock augmentation with implants. If you wish to noticeably increase the size of your derriere, even if you have some extra fat that can be used for BBL, if you want to substantially enhance the size of your derriere, implants may be a better option.



It all comes down to your unique goals, body shape, and working with our doctors to determine which choice is best for you when it comes to making a final decision.

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