Can I have a baby after Bariatric Surgery?

Can you have a baby after Bariatric Surgery


Yes, you can have a baby after bariatric surgery, pregnancy after bariatric surgery can be safe and healthy if managed well by you and your health care provider.


Research suggests that weight-loss surgery before pregnancy might lower the risk to women and their babies of obesity-related problems during pregnancy, including:

– Gestational diabetes

– Blood pressure disorders

– Newborns who are large for their gestational ages

– Postpartum hemorrhage

– Cesarean delivery


When is the best time to have a baby after the surgery?


To reduce the risk of a small-for-gestational-age baby, doctors advise women who have had bariatric surgery to wait at least two years before trying to conceive.

In fact, babies conceived less than two years after bariatric surgery are 15 times more likely to be small for gestational age than those conceived after this time frame, according to new research.

The studies also discovered that for every month after the 2-year time point between bariatric surgery and conception, there was a 4.2-g (0.15-oz) increase in birth weight and a 5% lower risk of a small-for-gestational-age neonate.

While this may be slightly adjusted on an individual basis, it is critical that women undergoing bariatric surgery are aware of the risks of early birth as well as the benefits of postponing pregnancy.

In a recent meta-analysis, however, there were no significant increased risks of adverse outcomes between pregnancies with a surgery-to-conception interval of 12 months or less versus more than 12 months. However, the authors also concluded that “large cohorts with sufficient power are required before any definite conclusions on the optimal surgery-to-conception interval can be made.”

Bariatric surgery, that is an increasing number of popular in ladies of reproductive age, includes fast weight loss, that could cause stepped forward fertility, Carreira explained. Currently, clinics typically propose ladies to attend at the least 1 year earlier than attempting for a child post-surgery. We recommend that women wait at least 2 years after bariatric surgery before trying to conceive, irrespective of the type of surgery.

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