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Obesity In Children and Adolescents

Very obese children undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss. Some evidence confirms the benefits of this procedure, but this surgery is not suitable for all adolescents. New research shows that bariatric practice can be beneficial for adolescents. Obese adolescents are at risk of anything from high blood pressure to abnormal glucose levels. These cases later lead to a heart attack at an early age. That is why the results of the research titled “Adolescent Bariatric Surgery” show that this surgery is truly salvation for the adolescent. In this article, we are going to take a look at the criteria for adolescent bariatric surgery.

Criteria for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

Results of Scientific Research on Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

In a study, researchers studied 242 participants, of which 33% had at least three risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Three years after surgery, researchers said that only 5% of participants still had three risk factors or more. The average age of the participants before the bariatric surgery was 17, with 76 percent female and ohers male.

The average body mass index of the participants was 51. Of the 242 participants, 161 had undergone bypass gastric surgery and 67 had undergone gastric sleeve surgery in antalya . This was the first large-scale study conducted on the predictors of the risk change of cardiovascular disease among adolescents after lean surgery.

The Problem Of Obesity In Adolescents

Obesity is the most common chronic disease in childhood and adolescence. It is a complex condition for which there are not many therapeutic options. Genetic composition and environmental factors lead to obesity in children and adolescents.

Common problems associated with obesity include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep interruption, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, low-quality life, and mental health problems. Many children and adolescents with obesity in adulthood will continue to be obese. If obesity begins in childhood, it greatly reduces life expectancy. So bariatric surgery can be an option for obese adolescents.

How Does Obesity Affect Children And Adolescents?

In the first place, an obese child experiences numerous illnesses in the early days of their life. Second, children face discrimination and humiliation because of their weight. Most obese children and adolescents are exposed to bullying behavior. This can occur in the classroom, in the neighborhood, or even at home. Understanding this type of behavior and quick removal is very important.

Obesity of Children

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How Should Adolescent Obesity Be Treated?

This may be your question, “I know my child is obese but I don’t know what to do.” This is not unusual. In other words, parents are not sure about the criteria for adolescent bariatric surgery. Treatment of obesity in childhood and adolescence is similar to the treatment of adulthood obesity, though you need to talk about treatment with your child. Teenagers often do not express their emotions because they are afraid of disappointing their parents.

There are various treatments for adolescents. These treatments include behavioral changes and lifestyle changes, drug therapy, and surgery. In some cases, adolescents with severe obesity with a high body mass index need a combination of all three of the above treatment to achieve a healthy weight.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery for Children and Teenagers

Researchers say that weight loss, along with the age at which bariatric surgery has been performed, reduces the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Other factors include pre-surgery body mass index, gender, and race. Women who have had a lot of weight loss and were younger during bariatric surgery will have a greater chance of reducing risk factors as a result of surgery.

Among younger people than older patients, blood fat disorder (high cholesterol) has been more likely to be resolved. In addition, high blood pressure in women is more likely to decrease than in men.

There is also a positive correlation between changes in the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and post-surgery weight loss. Research shows that Patients who are younger at the time of surgery are more likely to experience improvement in dyslipidemia and normalization of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation).

Criteria for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

Is Bariatric Surgery A Good Option For All Adolescents With Obesity?

The doctors’ answer to this question is different. Some believe that for every adolescent with obesity that has failed to lose weight by using diet, exercise, and lifestyle change, bariatric surgery is considered. There are also no age restrictions for children and adolescents. Bariatric surgery results are being investigated before adolescence. Instead of determining the age that the youngest patients should have, the needs of each patient should be taken into consideration on a separate basis.

Doctors’ Opinion on Adolescent Obesity Surgery

According to some other doctors in this area, bariatric surgery is also performed on 5 -year -old children, but this is due to the atmosphere of several diseases. Surgery has risks, such as possible nutrient deficiency, and the type of surgery affects the level of vitamin deficiency experienced by children.

Other Physicians’ Criteria for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

Other physicians do not accept bariatric surgery on children or adolescents unless it is the last solution. In their view, it is useful to investigate the number of many cases of surgery because data shows that lean surgery can eliminate health problems. For example, a 14-year-old teenager with diabetes and heart disease can be exempt.

Probably the teenager (and his or her parents) see surgery as a magical solution, and by exaggerating its benefits, they ignore its negative aspects. Certainly, a 13-year-old teenager whose only goal is to make no ridicule can no longer give consent to understand what it means. It also does not correct unhealthy food behaviors, and therefore surgery applicants must have a good support system for the success of children and adolescents.

Criteria for Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

What Parents Need to Know About Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

Patients need to understand that bariatric surgery is a tool that helps to create a healthier lifestyle, including physical activity and healthy nutrition. Most patients are not eligible for surgery because of their inability to understand this issue or lack of support for success.

The most important factor in achieving success is a stable home environment. Bariatric surgery applicants should be sufficiently supported for mental health because surgery is transformational and causes a lot of stress. Just as we need enough care before surgery, we need enough care afterward.

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