Bariatric Surgery Diet | What To Eat After The Surgery

What Is Bariatric Surgery Diet?

A misconception is that the bariatric surgery diet is for weight loss. Some surgeons give their patients liquids and soup diets that are thin and low in calories 2-3 months after weight loss surgeries. This is even though the post-operative diet is only to give time for the stomach and intestine to be stitched for healing.

Bariatric surgery diet

We go from a filtered liquid diet to a normal diet quickly within 3-4 weeks. The important thing is that after choosing your surgeon, be sure to follow their diet. You may only be able to tolerate one to two tablespoons of liquids in the first days after surgery. Yes, that’s right: 1 to 2 tablespoons of liquid!

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What And How To Eat After Bariatric Surgery?

Surgeons usually don’t insist on drinking more fluids in the first days after surgery, but they insist on drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. It is very difficult to do this—filling a mineral water bottle with water and always have it in your hand and moisturize the mouth and lips as soon as they are dry. But by doing this, you will see that you drank half a liter of water in less than 2 hours. Drinking plenty of water as part of bariatric surgery diet prevents the following important complications:

  • Gallstone
  • Kidney stone
  • Thickening of the blood and the risk of blood clots
  • Thickening of pulmonary secretions and increased risk of lung infection

Diet After Surgery

Diet for the First Week After Bariatric Surgery

This part is related to the tips of the first week after the bariatric operation, which was explained to you in the hospital and upon discharge. This is your diet for days 8 to 14 after bariatric surgery:

Mixed Vegetable Soup

After cooking the soup with chicken or meat, remove the chicken and meat and add the vegetables including potatoes, carrots, onions, vegetables, etc. Mix it well and add the right amount of salt, pepper, lemon juice, orange juice, etc. to make it tasty. You can also use the following soups in a mixed form:

  • Barley soup with low-fat milk without cream
  • Tomato soup
  • Parsley soup

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What Volume And Amount Of Soup Can You Use?

The amount of soup consumed depends on the capacity of each person after the operation. Do not compare yourself with others. A man may be able to consume two cups of soup after the operation, while a woman may only be able to consume half a cup of soup.

Start Consuming Fruit And Slowly Stop Fruit Juices

In the second week, you can start eating fruits of the soft season. There is no need to peel and cook the fruits. Eat them raw and chew them well. These fruits are bananas, strawberries, apricots, cherries, cherries, watermelons and cantaloupe.

In the second week, you can start eating fruits of the soft season. There is no need to peel and cook the fruits. Eat them raw and chew them well. These fruits are bananas, strawberries, apricots, cherries, cherries, watermelons, and cantaloupes.

  • Although natural fruit juice is a healthy drink, it causes constipation due to the lack of fiber
  • Fruit juice has more calories than the fruit itself
  • It is emphasized not to cook, grate or make a compote of fruits


Taking Supplements and Multivitamins

From the second week on, you will start taking multivitamins. The best time to take these supplements is in the morning or after breakfast. From this week, 45 to 60 minutes of daily walking is recommended for patients (starting from 5-10 minutes).

You will be allowed to use the pool one week after the stitches are removed. It is better to only walk in the water in the first weeks. While using the pool, be sure to carry your mineral water bottle with you and drink water regularly.

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Bariatric Surgery Diet During the Third Week

From the 15th day after the operation through the 21st day, the complete soup can be used in mixed form. During this week, mix chicken and meat with soup. At this time, you can gradually consume harder foods. You can also eat all fruits, even hard fruits, without grating. Greens and lettuce are also added to your diet this week (please chew, don’t chop).

Bariatric Surgery Diet During The Fourth Week

From the fourth week until the end of the month, try the following: 2-3 tablespoons of soft pilaf with stew, and 2-3 tablespoons of soft pasta. Start this diet carefully and slowly. Eat with a small fork or spoon. We remind you to eat as much as you can, not out of cravings.

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This week, priority is given to mixed food, and pilaf and pasta make up a small part of your meal. You are preparing to eat table food from the beginning of the month. Note that a full tablespoon of pilaf is never completely chewed in the mouth.

Bariatric Surgery Diet After the First Month

One month after the surgery, life will be completely back to normal and you can enjoy the food on the table. There are some golden rules about the bariatric surgery diet. To have a normal and problem-free life after bariatric surgery, you must follow some tips for the rest of your life, which we have categorized as a few rules, as follows:

·Eat Healthily: The healthier we eat, the more visible the result will be in the future. Avoid eating junk food, which sometimes has as many calories as a meal.

·Learn How Much Your New Stomach Volume Is After Surgery: The stomach volume of each person after the operation is different from another person. You should find out in the first month how much soup or how many spoons you feel full with.

·Get To Know Your New Stomach Volume: For example, if the volume of your stomach is 5 spoons, eat the same amount of food because your brain may not give the command to stop at first and you will eat too much and suffer from nausea and vomiting. Do not drink water from half an hour before the meal to half an hour after the meal because it will make you feel nauseous.

Bariatric surgery diet

Welcome to Your New Life!

Bariatric surgery in antalya is a set of slimming surgeries that are considered a suitable treatment option for people who suffer from excessive obesity and have not managed to lose weight and reach their ideal body through various diet methods and sports activities. And is chosen by a specialist doctor.

For slimming surgeries, it is better to take care before and after it so that no problems arise for the person during the slimming surgery. Because weight loss surgery is a way to get in shape and reach an ideal weight, it cannot be used for all people as a suitable option for the treatment of excessive obesity. It is also necessary to follow the bariatric surgery diet carefully.

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