Best Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for sleeve Procedures

Importance of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery in antalya has always been considered one of the most popular methods for weight loss. Since it is quite normal for patients to lose more than 50% of their body weight during this operation, profoundly suggested to take vitamin & mineral supplements for sleeve procedures and take professionally prescribed medications.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for sleeve Procedures

Different types of vitamins are necessary for the body after surgery. But nutrition after gastric sleeve operation is very important in post-operative care. It is quite vital to be careful in the type of vitamin consumption. In such a surgery, the extra stomach that secretes unrelated hormones is separated and removed from the body with very precise techniques.

Multivitamin after gastric sleeve surgery is of high importance. Although before this, it was believed that after this operation, there is no need to take any supplements, including multivitamins, this belief has changed. Considering that the gastric sleeve operation is one of the ways to lose weight in severely obese people, it is better to have full knowledge about how to eat after the sleeve operation. In this topic, we will discuss the detailed examination of the consumption of vitamins after the gastric sleeve operation.

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Why use Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for sleeve Procedures?

Every surgery that is performed on a person causes the body to need more substances after the operation to be able to repair the injuries. Vitamins are one of the most essential substances for the body. The size change in the structure of the stomach is a shock to the body. Therefore, in the post-operative stage, the patient must take the correct and appropriate diet in cooperation with the doctor so that the patient can receive the nutrients needed by the body. Many types of surgery, such as gastric sleeve, do not cause any changes in mineral absorption.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Does Gastric Sleeve Reduce the Absorption of Vitamins?

Changing the sleeve of the stomach due to surgery can temporarily reduce the absorption of some vitamins. Therefore, the consumption of multivitamins after the sleeve operation allows the remaining stomach to easily help absorb vitamin substances and compensate for the body’s deficiencies.

In gastric bypass surgery, some minerals and vitamins may be temporarily less absorbed. There are dietary restrictions after gastric sleeve surgery.  This restriction causes the amount of some vitamins and minerals to decrease in the body. As a result, in case of non-compensation, it will cause many complications for the person. For this reason, it is necessary to include vitamins and mineral supplements in the patient’s diet for sleeve procedures. Necessary supplements will prevent the feeling of fatigue after the operation.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for Sleeve Procedures

Multivitamins are suggested as the first option for people who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery. Vitamins are in pure form in this medicine and their consumption helps the stomach and intestines to absorb the vitamins needed by the body. Taking a multivitamin after the sleeve operation contains large amounts of vitamins A, D, C, E, and B and supplements of iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium.

The important thing about taking vitamin & mineral supplements for sleeve procedures is that it reduces the possible side effects of the surgery. Multivitamin is very useful for reducing hair loss and strengthening the immune system because it contains different types of vitamins. This makes a person less sick after gastric sleeve surgery. As a result, the body has better absorption of all kinds of food, which is very effective in the direction of the patient’s recovery and weight loss.

Vitamin & Mineral

Proper nutrition after gastric sleeve surgery is very important. Each of the ingredients in the multivitamin will be necessary for the body. These substances are usually available in all kinds of food. But due to the special nutrition and diet that the patient is required to follow after the gastric sleeve operation, the lack of these substances in the body causes the patient to face various risks.

Vitamin B12

One of the most important vitamins needed by the body is B12. This vitamin needs a lot of acid for absorption, and a small and sleeved stomach may not be able to secrete enough acid. For this reason, it should be available in multivitamins. Vitamin B12 is normally found in the water-soluble form in animal products and fortified grains.

The basic use of vitamin B12 is in the formation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and brain function. If vitamin B12 is not absorbed well, it will cause complications for the patient. This vitamin may not be absorbed enough in the body after gastric sleeve surgery. Therefore, this deficiency will cause fatigue or tingling in the hands and feet, or even anemia and nervous disorders.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, which is present in the multivitamin after the sleeve operation, has a great effect on increasing the absorption of calcium and the immunity and function of the body’s cells. This vitamin is found in a few food sources and it is mostly absorbed through the skin and by sunlight. Therefore, its use as medicine will be very important. The body needs 2000 units of vitamin D daily.

Vitamin D

Calcium Citrate

Calcium as a vital substance is needed throughout the life of people. This mineral element is very important because of its great impact on bones. Calcium is needed in childhood to increase height growth. But in adulthood and when height growth stops, calcium is used to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Calcium is also prescribed by surgeons as an important option for strengthening and improving patients. Consuming pure calcium may have certain side effects. It is possible that calcium in this form causes deposits in the kidney and, as a result, kidney stones. Therefore, its consumption in combination with citrate will prevent precipitation and calcium will be easily absorbed.

In addition to having an effective role in strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis, calcium citrate is also very effective in reducing pain after gastric sleeve. Therefore, during the period when a person follows a special diet after gastric sleeve surgery, calcium citrate with the property of reducing pain can be a great help to increase the patient’s comfort. Calcium citrate also reduces muscle pain.

In addition to bones, calcium citrate also plays an effective role in maintaining the strength of teeth, which can be highly effective in the body along with taking vitamins & mineral supplements for sleeve procedures. Also, according to the doctor’s opinion, it is better to take calcium citrate supplements one month after surgery. The amount required by the body for daily consumption after the gastric sleeve operation is at least between 1000 and 2000 mg, which the specialist doctor and the nutrition team prescribe for the patient in liquid or chewable form.

Iron Consumption After Surgery

Iron is one of the most important mineral resources used by the body. Due to its special structure, this substance causes hematopoiesis in the body. It also plays the most important role in the activity of red blood cells.

After the operation, the patient will face a temporary decrease in the activity of some body organs. At this time, the reduction of absorption of iron in the consumed food makes the patient weak and tired and does not have enough energy to perform daily activities. The presence of iron in the multivitamin after the gastric sleeve operation allows the patient to compensate for this deficiency and bring his body to a stable state.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for sleeve Procedures

Be sure to use Vitamin & Mineral Supplements for sleeve procedures It is very important to follow the instructions given by the doctor and the number of doses determined by the specialist. The amount consumed for each of these vitamin and mineral substances, if it becomes more or less, instead of being useful, can cause a lot of harm to the body. With this care, the process of losing weight during the first and second year after the operation will be done well, and the patient will not be exposed to the lack of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

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