What Happens During A Hair Transplant?

The surgeon uses a tiny needle to numb the area of your head with local anesthetic after thoroughly cleaning your scalp.

Slit grafts and micrograft’s are the two types of transplant treatments. 4 to 10 hairs per graft are found in slit grafts, depending on the amount of coverage needed.


Also there are two types of “modern” hair transplantation procedures that are currently performed.

Two main techniques are used to obtain follicles for transplantation: FUT and FUE


In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

To carry out the FUT procedure, strips of hairy skin are eliminated from the donor place of the scalp. This is normally received from the returned of the head. This is where the alternative call for «strip surgery» comes from. The strip is located below high-powered microscopes. There, the surgical crew meticulously divides it into small person follicular unit grafts, that have one to 4 hairs. The grafts are located in a refrigerated tissue storage solution till the day of the procedure. The donor place is sutured, masking with the encompassing hair. The stitches are eliminated inside 10 to 14 days, the donor place being healed to shape a function linear scar.

This method is good for sufferers who require a huge quantity of grafts, that is a super benefit if the patient’s essential purpose is to acquire most hair restoration.

With the FUT technique, the present hair may be stored lengthy and may be used to cowl the linear scar. The FUT procedure takes among 4 and 12 hours, that is much less than the time required for the FUE. The time will rely on the scale of the recipient location and the variety of grafts to be done.


Follicular Unit Extraction Transplantation(FUE)

In the FUT the donor area of the scalp is shaved after which the follicular unit grafts are individually eliminated. FUE is a greater modern technique. In it, part of the donor location is shaved after which individual strands of hair are reduce via way of means of making round incisions around them. The system requires a little greater time, because it ought to be achieved by an professional doctor, when you consider that every graft is eliminated individually and located without delay from the scalp, withinside the holes created in the bald location, withinside the identical manner as in FUT. The system may be achieved manually or with a powered surgical tool. After the system, there can be a chain of small, stippled scars at the scalp, but, because of their tiny size, they’re rarely noticeable.


Which one is a better option?

Both types of hair transplantation procedures are considered permanent so the answer to this question is: it DEPENDS. The choice between FUE or FUT will be up to you and who advises you.

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