Exploring the Novel Approach to Weight Loss: Gastric Mucosal Ablation

In a recent milestone, findings from the inaugural human trial of gastric mucosal ablation, a new minimally invasive weight loss procedure, were unveiled on Thursday. This non-surgical method demonstrated minimal side effects and boasted a brief outpatient recovery period compared to traditional weight loss interventions, albeit with slightly lesser weight reduction.

Key Points:

The study tracked 10 female participants, averaging 38.4 years in age and with a mean BMI of 40.2 (a BMI of 30 or higher indicates obesity), across a six-month span from November 2022 to April 2023.

Each participant underwent an endoscopic procedure known as gastric mucosal ablation. This process involves the insertion of a protective fluid cushion to shield the stomach lining before employing a miniature device to target and burn the gastric fundus—the upper stomach lining.

Gastric Mucosal Ablation

Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, predominantly resides in the gastric fundus. By reducing ghrelin production through fundus burning, feelings of hunger are mitigated, consequently curbing food intake.

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Over the six-month period, participants experienced an average weight loss of nearly 8%, equating to around 19 pounds on average. Additionally, they observed a 45% decrease in ghrelin production, a 42% reduction in stomach capacity, and a 43% decline in hunger pangs and appetite.

Participants encountered only minor side effects, such as gas pressure, mild nausea, and cramping, lasting between one and three days. Dr. Christopher McGowan, the study’s lead author and a gastroenterologist and medical director at True You Weight Loss clinic, highlighted these observations during a media briefing.

On average, the procedure lasted 55 minutes, and all participants underwent it on an outpatient basis. This enabled them to return home within an hour post-procedure, obviating the need for hospitalization.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ariannajohnson/2024/05/09/what-to-know-about-new-minimally-invasive-weight-loss-procedure-gastric-mucosal-ablation/?sh=68a7a07b4912

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