Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration | Complete guide

How is Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration done?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems among women and men. Although this problem is more severe in men. One of the best ways to solve this problem is Surgical Hair Restoration. Since Surgical Hair Restoration is a complex process like other surgeries, the patient should prepare himself for Surgical Hair Restoration by observing some points. In this article, we examine the method of Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration in antalya.

Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration

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General Conditions of Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration

Generally, Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration is not difficult. Rather, you must observe points such as not consuming alcohol or smoking in different periods of time. Some conditions of Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration are also general. In the following, we will get to know the general conditions of Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration:

  • Hotels: If you don’t live near the surgery clinic, you should book a nearby hotel so you can get a good night’s sleep before your Surgical Hair Restoration
  • Travel: It is also important to arrange a taxi to go home after Surgical Hair Restoration or have a friend pick you up instead. It’s not safe to drive home
  • Take time off from work: It goes without saying that you need time off for surgery and you need enough time to recover after surgery. The sooner you book this non-working time, the more relaxed you can be knowing that you are ready for your surgery day

One month before the Surgical Hair Restoration

With only four weeks left before Surgical Hair Restoration, now is the time to get your scalp as healthy as possible in preparation for a Surgical Hair Restoration. To do this, he should start massaging the scalp for 10-30 minutes a day. Or, if it’s easier, you can ask your partner or family to do it. This routine helps regulate blood flow and even skin tone to the scalp, helping speed up the healing process after surgery.

Consult your doctor

We always suggest that potential patients discuss their suitability for a Surgical Hair Restoration with their doctor. One month prior to the transplant is a good time for one last checkup to ensure there won’t be any complications, though it’s a good idea to do so as soon as possible.

Surgical Hair Restoration

To make sure you are as healthy as possible, your doctor might ask you to undergo a blood test or an ECG. Doctors want to make sure you are not subjected to any unnecessary stress because anesthesia always carries a risk. At this point, a popular hair regrowth medication with the generic name Minoxidil may also be prescribed to you. This will depend on where on your head the transplant will be made and where you are balding. Again, this will depend on where your transplant is located and the severity of your hair loss. If you are currently taking Minoxidil, however, your doctor may request that you stop taking the medication prior to your procedure.

Two weeks prior to the Surgical Hair Restoration

Two weeks before the Surgical Hair Restoration, the preparations become more serious. For example, you should not drink alcohol or cut your hair until Surgical Hair Restoration. In the following, we will get acquainted with these conditions.

Checkup with your doctor

It’s a good idea to visit your doctor two weeks prior to your procedure so they can advise you on whether you should stop taking any particular medications. For instance, aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs can increase the difficulty of your wounds healing after surgery or cause unneeded bleeding.

If you take beta-blockers, blood thinners, or antidepressants, you should also let your doctor know because they may interfere with the healing process. As an alternative, you might be instructed to begin taking Vitamin C tablets to hasten your recovery. However, since they have the final say on whether the advantages of taking your medication outweigh the risks, you should always heed their advice.

Stop drinking alcohol

You should abstain from alcohol two weeks prior to your Surgical Hair Restoration as well. Alcohol widens blood vessels, which causes swelling at the site of the incision to increase. While some medical professionals may advise waiting up to three days before your procedure to stop drinking, the sooner you can do so, the better for your body. Not consuming alcohol is an important step in Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration.

Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration

Stop cutting your hair

Additionally, you shouldn’t cut your hair two weeks prior to the Surgical Hair Restoration. If your donor areas are already small, this is especially crucial. To ensure that your hair is the ideal length for transplanting, your surgeon will trim it during the procedure, so cutting your hair too short unintentionally could complicate things.

One week before the Surgical Hair Restoration

If you currently smoke, you should stop doing so. Smoking makes it more challenging for the body to recover from an injury because anything containing nicotine can make it harder for oxygen to travel through the blood. Your likelihood of leaving scars at the site of your incision may also increase as a result. The risk of infection is also linked to nicotine.

You might also be prescribed antibiotics to help manage any potential infections in your body, in addition to quitting smoking. You will receive instructions from your doctor on what to take and how to take it.

The day of your Surgical Hair Restoration

You should wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner just prior to having Surgical Hair Restoration. No additional hair products, such as gel or wax, should be used because you want to keep your hair looking natural.

You’ll most likely receive instructions from your doctor regarding when you can eat or drink for the last time before the procedure. Most of the time, doctors advise you to undergo anesthesia on an empty stomach. The night before your procedure, stop eating around midnight, as directed by your doctor, who will also provide you with specific instructions.

Surgical Hair Restoration

To perform Surgical Hair Restoration choose Medgol

Surgical Hair Restoration has a very high cost in many countries of the world such as America, Germany, and Britain. For this reason, many applicants receive this surgery in Turkey. Medgol Medical Tourism Center is one of the best and most famous centers providing medical services to tourists in Turkey and Antalya. You can go through all the steps of Preparing for Surgical Hair Restoration under the supervision of medical center specialists covered by Medgol. To know the price of Surgical Hair Restoration in the treatment centers covered by our company, you can contact Medgol experts.

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