Surgical Hair Restoration for Women | Methods and Advantages

Hair Loss In Women

Surgical hair restoration for women is one of the most common cosmetic treatments that can be seen in women. This surgery has reduced the worry of hair loss for many people. Many women who suffer from thinning hair turn to hair transplant centers in the hope of replanting them, and they can regain their beauty by performing natural hair transplants. Hair loss in women is one of the most important issues that occupy the minds of many women and we should not forget that hair has a great effect on the beauty of the face. In this article, we are going to talk about surgical hair restoration methods for women.

Surgical Hair Restoration for Women

Types of Surgical Hair Restoration Methods for Women

There are different methods of hair transplantation, such as hair transplantation without shaving. Most of these methods are best for men. Here, we are going to introduce methods that are generally more suitable for women.

FIT Hair Transplant Method

In the FIT hair transplant method, the follicular parts of the hair grafts are separated from the hair bank and scattered by a special punch, so that it does not leave any scars or wounds. These grafts are directly implanted in the bald area.

FUT Hair Transplant Method

In this method, after local anesthesia, a small strip from the back of the head, called a flap, is removed and its place is stitched. The length of the flap in this method is about a few inches. In the next step, the expert doctor divides the removed flap into follicular units (hair grafts) with the help of advanced microscopes and surgical equipment. These units are planted after making openings on the bald surface.

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SUT Hair Transplant Method

In the SUT method, an automatic punch is used to harvest grafts from the back of the head. This method causes less damage to the hair follicles than other methods and its speed is also higher. Next, the implantation steps are performed like FIT hair transplantation.

SUT Hair Transplant Method

FUE Hair Transplant Method

This technique is one of the newest hair transplant methods in the world. In this method, automatic devices are used to improve the quality and speed of hair transplantation, and it is very useful for people who do not have a suitable hair bank for hair transplantation. In the FUE method, more grafts are removed from the hair bank and hair transplantation is done with density and creates a natural appearance in the patient’s hair.

Which Women Are Good Candidates For Surgical Hair Restoration?

After it is determined that the reason for a woman’s thin hair is female pattern hair loss and there are no other causes such as hormonal changes, hypothyroidism, postpartum hair loss, etc., hair surgical repair is considered as a treatment. If you also suffer from one of the following cases, you can use hair transplantation to improve its loss and thinness:

  • Women who have hair loss due to physical conditions
  • Women who have a male pattern of hair loss and receding growth line and thinning of their head hair are not affected by androgenetic loss
  • Women who have lost their hair due to injuries, burns, and accidents
  • Women who have problems with marginal hair loss
  • Women who have used cosmetic or plastic surgery and their hair has been lost in the areas around the surgical incision

Surgical Hair Restoration for Women

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Stages Of Hair Transplantation In Women

Hair transplant in antalya and its procedures usually take three to five hours. This amount varies according to the bulb of hair needed for planting in the head area. The first stage of hair transplantation is patient preparation, which means that the patient is prepared and placed in the right position for the surgery. In the following, we review a summary of the other stages of this surgery:

Anesthesia And Hair Removal From The Hair Bank

At this stage, the hair donor area is locally numbed using special substances to prevent the patient from experiencing any discomfort or pain during the operation. Next, when the desired area is completely numb, the needed hair bulbs are taken from the donor area and subsequently stitched.

Separation Of Hair Bulbs

One of the most important stages of natural hair transplantation in women is related to the separation of the hair taken from the donor area, so it is very important to do this carefully. At this stage, points such as the number of hairs planted in one place or a lot of tissue and skin in the areas around the hair bulbs should be carefully considered.

Hair Transplantation In The Recipient Area

The receiving area is prepared by using small slits. In this way, it is necessary to create the required slits carefully. Finally, the hair bulbs are transplanted according to the designed pattern in the receiving area.

Recovery After Surgical Hair Restoration For Women

The recovery time from this operation is relatively short and lasts from one to seven days. Usually, the appearance of women after hair transplantation is normal for the first few days after the treatment, and there is enough hair in the head area to be hidden from view.

In the first days after the surgery, the patient may have some numbness, sunburn, or itching in the treated areas, which indicates the beginning of the healing process.

The Lifespan Of Surgical Hair Restoration In Women

This surgery is permanent. After implantation, the complete process takes up to six months during which the hairs are in the sleeping phase. Then they start to grow and become permanent.

Considering that the hair bulbs needed for implantation are taken from the back of the patient’s head and this area is not sensitive to physiological, genetic, and metabolic changes, hair transplantation from this area of the head can last for the entire lifetime. The patient can expect the best results after this treatment.

Post-Treatment Care for Women After Surgical Hair Restoration

The patient can use normal methods of hair straightening and washing 48 hours after the operation. The rest period for patients is one to three days, and hair loss is normally three to four weeks after transplantation. After getting out of the shower, women should put a towel or a dressing pad over the transplant area because this pad will absorb the blood that is around the transplant area.

Note that you should avoid aspirin for about three to five days. What to eat after a hair transplant is very important. Consuming enough fluids, vegetables, protein, and medicinal supplements and avoiding alcohol, fast food, caffeine, etc. are effective in improving and getting a better result.

Surgical Hair Restoration

Medgol Helps Women Restore Their Beauty

Hair is one of the important factors in the beauty of every woman’s face. Excessive hair loss will cause weakness in appearance, undermining women’s morale and self-confidence. There are many hair transplant methods for women and each one has its own advantages.

Medgol medical tourism services help you to access the best dermatologists and hair specialists in Antalya, Turkey, for your hair transplant and restoration. Meanwhile, the prices of hair restoration in Turkey are not comparable in Europe. Just contact our experts to arrange your appointment and accommodation services before and after your operation.

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