Rhinoplasty: Recovery Process


Recover Process For Rhinoplasty


You will be able to see the results of your rhinoplasty procedure right away, however the recovery process takes time. During this time, there are steps you may take to speed things up and make sure that the whole lot heals properly.


How long does recovery take?

Most doctors recommend taking about a week off from work and any real activity immediately following rhinoplasty. Although your personal health, aftercare, and the specifics of your procedure will all play a significant role in your recovery after any surgery, most cosmetic surgeons will give their patients a basic schedule of what to anticipate after a rhinoplasty.

Following a rhinoplasty, immediate recovery takes a few weeks, but complete healing can potentially take one to two years.


After a rhinoplasty, sleeping on your side is not only painful, but it can also delay your recovery by bringing on more bruising and swelling. Even more frightful, it may move your nose. You must elevate your head at night for six weeks after surgery to prevent this. One of the simplest methods to accomplish this is to use a foam wedge or two or three cushions to support your head.


Even though hot soup, steamy baths, and relaxing saunas may feel good, they won’t help your inflamed nose. In the weeks following your nose reshaping treatment, it is advisable to avoid the heat, take tepid showers, and keep to a diet of cool and room-temperature meals. Heat will make the tissues in your nose swell even more.


No smoking

Both earlier than and after surgical procedure, it’s critical that you don’t smoke and keep away from secondhand smoke if possible. The nicotine in tobacco products limits blood flow, making it more hard in your body to heal itself and interferes together along with your plastic surgery recovery.

Rihnoplasty surgery

1 Week: The splint can be eliminated out of your nose and you could go out in public without displaying substantive symptoms and symptoms of surgical operation unless there may be bruising around the eyes. This may also take 2 weeks to resolve. It is safe to resume activities of daily living.


2 Weeks: The majority of the facial swelling has subsided and most of the bruising should have resolved.


3-4 Weeks: You can safely return to cardiovascular activities such as jogging, swimming and cycling.


6 Weeks: The bones are stable, you can resume resistance workouts (weight lifting), wearing glasses and blowing your nose.


3-6 months: The numbness and abnormal sensations in your nose and nasal skin should be resolved.


1 Year: The healing process is complete – swelling should have subsided entirely and the nose’s new shape is fully refined.

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