When is it required to have an obesity surgery?

Bariatric Surgery Requirements


Obesity is a chronic disease and one of the biggest health challenges of modern society. Obesity can cause serious health problems and there are many people all around the world that are struggling with obesity and are unable to lose weight with only dieting and physical activity.


Surgical treatment of obesity and BMI

One of the most important factors  while qualifying the patient for surgical treatment of obesity is the BMI(body mass index).

According to the World Health Organization when somebody’s BMI is greater than or equal 35 they are obese. BMI in the range of 30-35  is a sign of being overweight. Undergoing this kind of treatment is only possible for somebody who has made previous attempts at preventive weight reduction, but neither dieting nor physical activity has produced the desired and lasting results.

Also it should be pointed out that BMI calculations are not the same for men and women due to the naturally higher proportion of body fat in women.


A patient with a BMI of 40 or higher whose obesity is associated with other diseases may be a candidate for gastric bypass.

Having bariatric surgery as soon as possible reduces the risk of further weight gain and an increase in BMI.


Diseases that have faster qualification for surgical treatment of obesity;

– Hypertension

– Cardiovascular disorders

– Degenerative joint disease is caused by excessive weight

– Type 2 diabetes, which is often directly caused by obesity

Also the treatment of these diseases is more difficult when the patient is overweight.


After getting an obesity surgery the patient will see an improvement in overall health and, as a result, longer and happier life for many patients.

Undergoing the surgery requires patients to make permanent lifestyle and dietary changes, and remembering about frequent physical activity makes it possible for them to keep thriving for long years after the initial procedure.

body mass index
Bariatric Surgery Requirements

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