Are Dental Bridges Permanent?

Do Dental Bridges Last a Lifetime?


Dental procedures are one of the long-term fixes for broken or missing teeth, though none of them are permanent. Depending on the condition and protection of the teeth and the rest of the mouth, as well as the patient’s regular oral hygiene and long-term care, the lifetime of a fixed bridge can range from 10 to 30 years.

A permanent tooth or teeth repair is a dental bridge. Several methods, such as crowns on the tooth that hold the crown’s adhesive wings (for resin-bonded bridges, for instance) or screws or abutments for bridges on implants, may be used to attach a dental bridge to one or more teeth next to the missing tooth or teeth.

Although fixed bridges on teeth or implants offer improved longevity and aesthetics, their efficacy is dependent on the overall condition of the mouth and adjacent teeth.


Are dental bridges a long-term solution?

How long your dental bridge will survive is best answered by saying that it mostly relies on you. It is continually possible to chip a bridge, simply as it’s far continually possible to chip a tooth, and wear and tear varies based on chunk force, eating preferences, oral and general wellbeing, overall state of the enamel and gums, and the continuity of the oral hygiene at home.

Dental professionals frequently agree that if you maintain good oral hygiene, they should last at least 10 years. Some additionally think that with proper maintenance, they should last a lifetime

Additionally, some behaviors like as thread cutting, pen chewing, and nail biting should be avoided. The dental bridge may break or get chipped as a result of this. A dental bridge often needs to be changed, repaired, or replaced after 10 to 25 years.


Numerous research has revealed that a number of factors influence the lifespan and durability of dental bridges, such as:

* The dentist doing the procedure and the dental technician performing it should have the necessary training, expertise, and attention to detail.

* General dental health, oral hygiene, and the quality of the teeth that support a dental bridge.

* The patient’s age.

* Many basic or replacement restoration types.



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