Hair Transplant Treatment in Antalya: FAQs

FAQs about hair transplant


Q. Hair Transplantation

The most popular aesthetic procedures for males are hair transplants. Since these operations are done for aesthetic purposes, it is normal to have some question marks. Naturally, having questions does not excuse you from receiving or delaying your treatment.

Actually, there is no external hair transplant surgery while using hair transplant treatments. It involves shifting the hair from the parts of your scalp that aren’t prone to shedding to the bald spots. With the aid of specific procedures, the hair is transplanted into the bald area from the donor portion of your head, which is split into donor area and recipient area. This then addresses the baldness issue by gradually thickening and lengthening your newly grown hair.


Q. Am I Suitable for Hair Transplant?

Even if there are some characteristics that people who are thinking about obtaining a hair transplant should have, hair transplant treatments do not require any special qualifications. The majority of those who are considering getting a hair transplant should share these traits:

* Not Being Completely Bald

* A Healthy Body

* Sufficient donor area


Q. How Many Grafts Do You Need?

The amount of hair required is set by the hair analysis to be performed by the physician. In cases wherever one session isn’t enough, the simplest results are typically obtained after the second session.


Q. Prices

Prices for hair transplant procedures are just as crucial as their success. This has a significant impact. Therefore, choosing a country is important. You will discover how expensive aesthetic treatments are if you do some research on hair transplant procedures. Additionally, the prices will be greatly impacted by the country you choose to receive your treatments.

By receiving treatment in Turkey, which is effective, you can do so at the most affordable prices. The low cost of living and high demand for hair transplants in Turkey significantly lower the price of hair transplant procedures. When compared to other nations, savings of up to 80% is possible.


Q. Things to Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant

* Keep in mind that you must select skilled surgeons before undergoing hair transplant treatments. Depending on the direction of the hair, hair transplants should be done correctly. If not, an undesirable and unnatural-looking image is both conceivable and likely to happen.

*If you choose wisely, you may be able to receive Hair Transplantation treatments at a very low cost.

*Following treatments, there are some activities you should avoid. Because of this, you should employ certain shampoos and post-treatment care.

*You should know that your hair will fall out after transplantation which will reappear later: After the treatment your hair will experience a shedding called shock shedding.

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