Body contouring after weight loss surgery


What is body-contouring surgery?


Body contouring is a type of cosmetic surgery that enhances your appearance. It is done after you have lost a significant amount of weight. This procedure removes excess skin folds and surrounding tissue. This creates smoother contours on your body. The majority of people who have had weight-loss surgery are curious about body-contouring surgery. A cosmetic surgeon removes excess tissue during this procedure. Your surgeon, for example, may make a cut around your midsection. This is done to remove excess skin and fat from the area. Your surgeon may also make cuts to lift your breasts or remove excess tissue from your arms or thighs, depending on your needs. Your surgeon after which sews the remaining tissue back together. This results in a smoother contour. All of this happens while you are asleep under general anesthesia.

Body contouring
Body contouring



How long will the recovery be?

The time of recovery depends on the type of surgery performed. However, most patients are back to their pre-surgery fitness levels within 6-8 weeks. We recommend a hospital stay of up to four nights and 2-4 weeks off work to ensure a full recovery and that scars heal properly. You will most likely be very sore for the first four weeks after the procedure.

Drains and surgical garments might be required.

Follow your discharge instructions carefully to improve the outcome of your surgery.



When do you need body contouring surgery?

If you misplaced a lot of weight after weight loss surgery, this surgical treatment can be an option for you. You may not like the way your appearance when you have extra folds of skin tissue.

These skin folds aren’t simply unsightly; however, they also can cause different problems. These can include:

  • Poor self-esteem
  • Trouble with sexual activity
  • Trouble walking
  • Discomfort
  • Problems with hygiene in these areas, especially the groin



Will you have a scar?

The quantity of scarring will range relying at the type of method used. For example, the risk of scarring is extra with body lifts than with liposuction.

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