Breast Augmentation Surgery: Types and Recovery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

The most noticeable female organ is the breast. Because of this, many women place a significant amount of value on how their breasts look. For many women, it is important that the breasts are reduced in size or removed altogether. Breast augmentation surgery is required to address this issue. Women who want larger, fuller breasts often opt for breast augmentation surgery.

Women’s breasts are an organ that enhances their femininity and seductiveness. However, it is occasionally possible to have small breasts due to genetics.

In truth, breast augmentation surgery is an option if your breasts were removed due to an illness or accident. Particularly after breast cancer, it is highly preferable to get breast implants.

Whatever the reason, you can get breast augmentation surgery in any size and type you want.

Surgery for breast augmentation in Turkey is often preferred in surgical procedures. Breast Augmentation Surgery is a very successful and cost-effective option for overseas patients who do not want to pay excessive fees for care in their home country. This has many benefits. Breast augmentation surgeons have a wealth of experience and treat an excessive number of patients in Turkey. In addition, patients can receive treatment at relatively affordable charges compared to those charged in their own countries because of the high exchange rate.



Procedure and recovery

It is common to feel some pain following surgery. You should be aware, however, the discomfort you’ll experience following general anesthesia won’t be excruciating. Your movement will only be restricted by it.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer will be less painful since patients won’t require surgery or receive cuts or stitches.

The procedures for breast augmentation are not that painful.  Be careful not to drive, lift heavy things, or engage in physical activity for two weeks. Otherwise, even if your silicones are in perfect condition, you might still feel pain.


After 1 or 2 weeks: You will have your stitches removed after one to two weeks (unless you had dissolvable stitches).

After a few months: You ought to be able to resume the majority of your regular activities after 6 weeks. Your scars ought eventually begin to lighten as well.

Your breasts should begin to feel and appear more natural after a few months, and you will be able to stop wearing you sport bar.




Types Of Breast Augmentation Surgery


Saline breast implants: these implants include saline water. Your body will absorb the saline if the implant breaks inside your chest and naturally eliminate it.


Breast augmentation with fat transfer from another area of the body: In this procedure, your surgeon will use liposuction to extract fat from an additional area of the body before injecting it into your breasts. This kind of augmentation is typically chosen by patients who want a slight increase in breast size.


Breast implants made of saline solution: these implants include saline water. Your body will absorb the saline if the implant breaks inside your chest and naturally eliminate it.


Form-stable breast implants: Breast implants that maintain their shape even when the implant shell breaks are frequently referred to as “gummy bear” implants. They are firmer than normal implants and consist of a thicker silicone gel. Having form-stable breast implants requires a longer skin incision.


Structured saline breast implants: These implants have an interior structure that makes them feel more natural. They are filled with sterile saline (saline).


Round breast implants: These implants typically give the breasts a larger appearance. Since implants are completely rounded, if they don’t rotate in place, they often don’t alter the appearance of your breast.


Smooth breast implants: The softest of all the numerous types of breast implants are smooth implants. In comparison to other implants, smooth breast implants tend to make breast movement look more natural.


Silicone breast implants: Breast implants composed of silicone gel are known as silicone implants. If the implant breaks, it can seep into your chest or stay inside the gel shell. To make sure your silicone implants are functioning properly, you might need to visit your plastic surgeon frequently if you have them.


Textured breast implants: These implants create scar tissue to adhere to the implant, making it less likely to move inside your breast. Even though it is uncommon, people who have breast implants with textured surfaces are more likely to develop breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

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