Gastric Sleeve: Antalya Turkey

Antalya Gastric Sleeve Surgery

One of the countries that patients usually choose is Turkey for gastric sleeve. With its well-equipped medical facilities, skilled surgeons, and reasonably priced gastric sleeve operations, Turkey gastric Sleeve offers the most effective and high-quality treatments. Patients travel to Turkey for gastric sleeve procedures from all over the world as a result. Patients from various nations prefer to have gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey due to the low cost of gastric sleeve procedures there.


Additionally, if you travel to Turkey for gastric sleeve treatment, you could enjoy a relaxing vacation to help you get motivated before the procedure. You can feel better by traveling to Turkey 1–2 weeks before your gastric sleeve surgery and receiving treatment there after a pleasant vacation, as many patients do. Naturally, the low cost of living in Turkey will also result in low-priced vacations and gastric sleeve.

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How can patients benefit from gastric sleeve?

How each patient’s body will respond to gastric sleeve surgery is difficult to predict. For someone with a slow metabolism, gastric sleeve surgery can result in extremely positive outcomes if they pay attention to their post-operative diet and stick to the recommended diet plan.

The same outcome obviously cannot be anticipated if a person with a very quick metabolism does not stick to the diet plan after surgery and does not assume the essential responsibility. As a result, the Gastric Sleeve works mathematically similarly to what is seen below. But for it to work, the patient must also be prepared to get treatment and follow to the diet plan. Of course, the gastric sleeve won’t function otherwise. A person considering having gastric sleeve surgery should be very motivated to reduce weight and make sure they follow their diet.



How much weight can you lose with gastric sleeve surgery?

Because the outcomes of gastric sleeve surgery might vary greatly, everyone’s answer will be different. While some patients lose a lot of weight over an extended period of time, other people may drop more weight quickly. No medical professional can therefore precisely predict how much weight you will lose. However, to offer the general reaction, you should drop 1.5 kg on average every week after the procedure. This obviously results in a substantial loss within a short period of time. Following gastric sleeve surgery, patients will continue to lose weight. To witness a clear outcome, you must therefore wait at least two years.


Even though the patient loses a significant amount of weight within two years, it is possible for them to put on weight again. You should therefore expect losing at least 60% of your body weight within a year on average. You must put in a lot of effort and stick to your diet in order to see these benefits. When you are better for exercising after surgery, the more you move, the more weight you can lose! Calculated mathematically, gastric sleeve surgery, of course, ensures weight loss. However, this does not necessarily imply that you will lose 60% or more. because you are unable to consume solid or unhealthy food following surgery. You will be limited to drinking liquids for the first weeks. For this reason, it is possible for patients to lose at least 10 kilos in the first 2 months.



Open gastric sleeve vs closed gastric sleeve

Closed Gastric Sleeve: The patient’s abdomen will need to have 5 small incisions made as part of the Closed Gastric Sleeve procedure. These incisions are used to execute the procedure, which drastically reduces the patient’s recuperation time. Naturally, it ends with a less painful resistance, and the surgery is quite helpful.


Open Gastric Sleeve: When a patient is not a candidate for a closed gastric sleeve, an open gastric sleeve is preferred. A big incision is made in the patient’s belly to prevent liver damage if they have fatty livers and have tried dieting without success before undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.


In contrast, surgery entails inserting a banana-shaped tube at the start of the patient’s stomach and stitching the stomach by lining it up with the tube. As a result, the patient’s internal organs are not harmed by the stomach’s liquid, and the stomach is cut out of its pierced location. The entire procedure has been completed. Suturing the skin wounds allows the patient to wait till they are awakened.

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