Can you combine plastic surgery procedures?

 When Can Multiple Procedures Be Combined?

A consultation with a Plastic Surgeon is recommended if you are interested in combining plastic surgery procedures to address multiple areas of the face or body at once, or if you want to achieve more dramatic and transformative results. Combining multiple plastic surgery procedures into one operation may appear daunting. However, under the supervision of a skilled Specialist Plastic Surgeon, it can be a risk-free procedure.


Although there may be advantages to combining plastic surgery procedures, not all procedures can or should be performed concurrently. A good rule of thumb to follow when combining procedures is to keep them in the same area of the body. While it may be safe to perform two breast surgeries, it is less safe to treat the buttocks and abdomen at the same time.


It’s necessary to recollect that a Specialist surgeon can advise you on the safest and handiest thanks to proceed together with your cosmetic surgery journey.  If they do not feel it’s in your best interests to combine certain surgeries, you must take into account this information seriously.


What are the advantages ?

Cost saving : Combining procedures may result in some costs savings, depending on which surgeries are combined.


Single recovery period : After a plastic surgery procedure, you should expect to be out of commission for at least one to two weeks. You will need to take time off work and make plans for your family responsibilities, such as childcare. You can make it easier on yourself by combining procedures and only having to plan for one period of recovery.


Achieve your ultimate results faster : Combining procedures into one operation can help you achieve your desired results more quickly if the surgeries are not incompatible. Instead of dividing procedures into separate operations and having to recover between each one typically three months you can complete your transformation much faster.


What are the most combined  procedures?

  • Facelift with eyelid lift– Facelift with blepharoplasty can minimize signs of ageing in the eye area as well as the cheeks and jawline.
  • Arm and medial thigh reductions – Brachioplasty and medial thigh reduction at the same time is a common process for patients which have misplaced a whole lot of weight. Again, the fat this is harvested in liposuction may be upcycled right into a fat transfer to the breasts, buttocks or face.
  • Mummy makeover – To address changes caused by childbearing, women who want to regain their pre-baby body can combine a tummy tuck with breast surgery. Any liposuction performed during the abdominoplasty procedure can be repurposed as a fat transfer to the breasts.

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