Everything you need to know about breast implant removal


What is breast implant removal?

Breast implant removal surgery is a cosmetic procedure that reverses the augmentation of the breasts. It simply removes or changes the shape and size of the breast implants.

Many women who have breast implants may decide to have them removed later in life. Reasons for doing so can include a breast cancer diagnosis, lifestyle changes, or complications such as capsular contraction.


These procedures include:

  • Removing the implants and replacing them with new implants,
  • Repositioning the existing implants, or
  • Removing the breast implants without replacement


Other reasons breast implants need to be removed include:

  • A build-up of calcium,
  • Infection and/or bleeding, or
  • Necrosis or the development of dead tissues around the breast implant.



What is the procedure?

Breast implant removal surgery is accomplished under general anesthesia and normally takes among one to three hours.  Depending for your recovery, you’ll be able to go home at the same day of the surgical procedure.


What are the most common breast removal techniques?

Breast implant removal with a breast lift

If your breast skin has stretched or sagged, your Doctor may perform a breast lift at the same time as your breast implant removal. To provide better support, they will remove any excess breast skin and tighten your breast tissue. In some cases, your Doctor may also resize your areolas to better fit the new shape of your breasts.


Breast implant removal only

Incisions will be made in the same spot as the breast implant surgery. If you have capsular contracture, they will remove the hardened capsules to speed up the healing process.

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If your implants are saline, your surgeon may prefer to deflate them while not below going surgery and might occur in their workplace under local anesthesia. counting on the results of this you’ll ought to have further surgery as well as a breast lift or breast implant replacement surgery.



Who is it for?

Some of the most common reasons women choose to remove their breast implants include:


Implant Complications: Complications of breast implants include the tearing, folding, or deflating of the implant (when the breast implant is filled with saline).

Personal Choice: Some women may feel that their breast implants are the wrong size or shape. Over time, they may have moved into the wrong position due to weight loss, weight gain, or pregnancy.

Other complications: capsular contracture, tension band asymmetry, dislocation, infection and silicone leakage.




Recovery process can change from person to person. Recovery after this surgery is usually smoother than after the first breast implant surgery. However, if you had a breast lift after your breast implants were removed, your breasts will feel tight and heavy for a few weeks.

You will need to avoid lifting anything over 5 kilograms or sweat too for the primary six weeks after your surgery. whereas you may typically be ready to resume traditional activity after six weeks, your breasts will take several months to settle into their new position.

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