Should You Get a Face Lift or Neck Lift

Which one is more suitable for you? Face lift vs Neck lift


In Turkey, a facelift and a neck lift are two of the most popular procedures to reduce the effects of aging on the face and neck. However, there are both similarities and distinctions between the two treatments, making it difficult to determine which is best for you.

Many people think that a facelift in Turkey will take care of the forehead and eyes, among other areas of the face. That is not the situation. On the other hand, a typical facelift only affects the lower part of your face, from the cheekbones down. During a facelift, incisions are often made in front of and behind the ear. Although it does so differently from a neck lift, a facelift can target neck area.

A neck lift is an operation that just targets the areas under your chin. These areas include, among others, the chin, jowls, jawline, and base of the neck. A neck lift incision can be performed in a number of locations. In some conditions, a neck lift may need a surgical incision in front of and behind the ear. In some conditions, a neck lift may also need a chin-level incision.


While there are significant differences between a facelift and a neck lift procedure, there are also some similarities. The results of the two treatments are comparable, to start. Both procedures seek to reduce the look of sagging skin and weakened facial and neck muscles.

Patients who receive either treatment also experience a significant and rapid reduction in aging symptoms. In order to get significant anti-aging outcomes, these treatments are actually occasionally combined into a single procedure. Furthermore, both treatments have the potential to deliver durable advantages. Finally, both treatments have the same level of invasiveness and recovery timeframes.


  • Excess skin and fat on the midface and lower facial can be removed during a facelift.
  • Excess skin and fat from the jowls and under the chin can be removed during neck surgery.
  • A facelift enhances the lips, jawline, and cheeks.
  • Neck Lift reduces drooping below the chin by tightening the neck muscles.
  • Skin sagging and wrinkles around the lips and cheeks are reduced via a facelift.
  • A neck lift can eliminate a double chin and turkey wattle caused by extra skin and fat buildup.
  • A facelift results in a more youthful and refreshed facial appearance.
  • A neck lift results in a younger-looking, smoother neckline.



Can you combine face lift with neck lift?


Most neck lift procedures are performed in conjunction with a facelift that focuses on the lower face in order to provide smooth cosmetic and functional results. When patients are in their 40s and 50s, facelift surgery is frequently performed on its own. However, if a patient is in their 60s and having their first facelift, doctors may also recommend a neck lift because this area will be exhibiting symptoms of aging.

Facelift surgery, unlike any other treatment or operation, can substantially reduce the visible signs of aging by removing loose, drooping facial skin and restructuring the underlying support structures. When paired with a neck lift, a facelift can assist in reversing overt signs of aging on the neck, such as drooping skin, loss of definition in the area under the chin, neck wrinkles, and thick bands.

Many people choose to have each operation accomplished on the identical time. Finally, the pleasant approach to assess which treatments are suitable for you is to go to with a highly competent cosmetic surgeon.


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