What is the ideal dental travel destination?

Choosing the best travel destination: Dental treatment


Now a days travelling to other countries for dentistry is very popular and the idea of receiving high-quality dental treatment abroad in a reasonable price keeps spreading, this has become a competition between many cities and local clusters and associations work hard at becoming a recognized dental travel destination.



Here are some of the factors of an ideal dental travel destination;

-Expertise and quality of dental service


-Clinic and services – our clinic offer you accommodation and transport.


-History, sea sports and gastronomy – dental traveling is amongst the few health travelling specialties during which the patient can keep on with an everyday active routine without the need of recovery periods, withdrawing from sports and activities or trying the local cuisine. Features like these should always be taken into consideration when selecting a dental destination.


-Communication – In all international dental clinics foreign languages are widely spoken. Among these languages you often find: English, German, Russian and French. This makes it easier to the patients as it facilitates not only the communication during the treatment but also before and after that.


-Cost – the price is one of the most important facts for the patients who want to get their dental treatment done in foreign countries. The cost of dental treatment in Antalya dental clinics is significantly lower than any other EU country and from many other destinations in general.


-Destination – it can have a big impact on your trip. Antalya is an already established tourism destination. Therefore, any dental patient alone, with a friend or with the entire family, can take a short or long vacation during the treatment cycle. You can plan a holiday and have a dental treatment at the same time.


-Proximity and direct access – The proximity to many European countries and the fact that Antalya has an international airport and direct flights every day. so, the patient does not have to bother with transit flights, airport waiting hours and expensive tickets.


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Why choosing Antalya for dental treatment?


– No waiting list

– Highest level health care in luxury private clinic

– English speaking dentists & translators

– Up to 50% cheaper dental treatment than in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia &      many European countries

– Full range of dental procedures for men & women

– Private and relaxing recuperative break in one of Turkey’s top beach resorts

– Great weather, 300 days of sunshine with a warm climate all year round

– Finance & flexible payment terms available

– Dedicated customer service before, during & after your treatment


Antalya has a high quality of dental care and low cost of dental treatment.

Turkey, Antalya is a destination of choice for both reasons. Its excellent quality of health care & standards are equivalent if not better than those found elsewhere in Europe. If you like to get information about dental treatment in Turkey, you can click on the link.



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