What Is Stomach Folding Surgery?

Stomach Folding Surgery


Stomach folding surgery is the process of reducing the stomach with sutures without any surgical incision to restrict food intake. The volume of the stomach is reduced by 70-75 percent as a result of this treatment.  For people looking for a weight-loss procedure that doesn’t require an implanted gadget or a permanent alteration to their anatomy.

This method is an intervention applied to patients who meet the necessary criteria and cannot achieve success in dieting. The rate at which food reaches the stomach slows down as a result of this intervention, and the amount of food taken into the stomach is reduced.


Who is a candidate for stomach folding surgery?

– In obese patients whose body mass index has been between 30-35 for several years

– Individuals who tried to lose weight without surgical intervention before but were unsuccessful

-It can be applied to people who are in good mental and physical health in order to perform the surgery.

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How does stomach fold surgery affect the body?

As a result of stomach fold, operation, 40-70% of excess weight can be lost in the first 1 year. Apart from losing weight, this surgery also provides benefits to the body.

Although we do not have long-term studies, improvement in cholesterol levels, co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea were observed in the vast majority of patients.


How long does the process take?

Stomach folding surgery is a laparoscopic surgical intervention and takes an average of 75-90 minutes.


The advantages of gastric fold surgery

+ There is no damage in the natural structure of the stomach after the operation

+ Slaughter procedure is not performed on the stomach. Stomach walls fold directly over each other

+ The stomach can be restored at any moment after this process

+ Fast recovery after the surgery.

+ No foreign body is placed in the body.

+ It is a procedure applied by laparoscopic method.

+ Severe diarrhea or reflux diseases are less likely to occur


Stomach folding surgery takes around one hour and half, and it is performed under general anesthesia, so the patient will not feel any pain during the operation.

After the surgery the patient should stay in the hospital for 1-3 days depending on how they are feeling, the length of stay can change from person to person.

After 1-2 weeks, they can continue their normal life and return to work. In this process, following the diet list given by the dietitian will make the process easier.

You will start walking slowly after a few days, in this process, it is recommended to have sexual intercourse 1 month after the operation.

In order to get pregnant, it is recommended to wait 1 year after the operation. It is sufficient to wait at least 1 week to drive.

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