Hair transplant Antalya vs Istanbul

Hair Transplant: Differences Between Antalya and Istanbul


Men’s hair loss is the most common cosmetic issue that men face around the world. In the event that a man’s entire head of hair cannot be restored through medical treatment, hair transplantation becomes the sole choice.

Hair transplantation is a permanent treatment for both men and women.

DHI is a hair transplant procedure that has been around for around seven years. Due to its fast application time and lack of surgical scars, DHI has recently become a very popular technique in Turkey. DHI is one of the most popular treatments among international patients. This painless procedure is based on individual hair root collection and simultaneous implantation.

The most significant benefit of the FUE process is the simultaneous implantation of the greatest quantity of male hairs. DHI is a preferable alternative for implantation involving modest amounts of male hair or several sessions. As a result, rather than being an alternative to FUE, we can classify it as a technique within the FUE range.

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Hair transplant in Turkey FUE and FUT method:

Men and women with considerable hair loss, thinning hair, or bald patches where there is no longer any hair growth undergo this procedure.


Eyebrow transplantation:

It is a treatment that alters the appearance of the brows. Eyebrow transplantation can help those with thin, absent, or fearful brows. Over plucking, hormonal irregularities, burns, hereditary, and a variety of other factors can all contribute to hair loss.


Beard and moustache transplant:

it is generally performed on men who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair from parts of the beard like sideburns, moustache, and goatee.

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Hair transplant Antalya vs Istanbul



– more affordable

– Antalya is not crowded and it’s a calm city

– Easy transport, less traffic

– Good and sunny weather even during winters

– More functional airport

– cheaper prices compared to Istanbul

– you can also have a holiday while getting your treatment done because Antalya is a touristic city



– more museums

– More cultural activities & festivals

– Airport can be chaotic

– Can go down to -10°C in winters

– Long traffic jams

– Overcrowded

– Expensive

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