Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass | Which One Is Better?

Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass: What’s the Right Option For You?

Is gastric bypass or gastric sleeve better? If you want to use bariatric surgery in antalya to lose weight, you will face this question. To compare gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass, it must be said that choosing the type of surgery is a very complicated process. One of the factors that are very important and effective for choosing the type of surgery is the body mass index or BMI. For example, people whose BMI is not too high can use the gastric sleeve procedure. But people whose BMI is very high are good candidates for gastric bypass surgery. In this article, we are going to discuss gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass.

Why Choose Gastric Sleeve vs Gastric Bypass?

The most important difference between the gastric bypass in antalya and the gastric sleeve  in antalya is their surgery time. Gastric bypass surgery is more complicated than gastric sleeve and its surgery time is also longer. Therefore, the recovery time after gastric bypass surgery is longer than that of gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery are usually performed laparoscopically. This procedure is performed by inserting a tube with a camera called a laparoscope and other surgical instruments by making several small incisions in the person’s abdomen.

gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass

You will usually go home 1 or 2 days after gastric sleeve surgery. Because gastric bypass is more complicated, you’ll likely stay in the hospital for at least 2 days before you’re well enough to go home. If you develop complications after surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for a longer period, although this is rare.

Among the benefits of the gastric sleeve, we can mention the improvement of diseases such as the treatment of type 2 diabetes or blood pressure, increasing self-confidence, creating a beautiful body, and safe short-term recovery period.

gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass in antalya

In addition, gastric sleeve surgery has other advantages, which we mention below:

  • Not placing objects inside the body, as it reduces the possibility of infection
  • There are no problems such as intestinal blockage, lack of vitamin absorption, etc
  • More than 60% of the weight is lost in one year
  • There is no adhesion in the sleeve operation
  • Success in this surgery is very high
  • The patient will be unconscious for a short while
  • The main function of digestion is not eliminated
  • Stomach pylorus does not change
  • The sleeve operation non-recursive
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What Are the Disadvantages of the Gastric Sleeve?

If you step into the operating room fully prepared, that is, you have changed your lifestyle to some extent and followed the recommendations, you can prepare yourself for an operation without complications. Also, choosing a professional and experienced surgeon in Antalya who operates in a well-equipped hospital is another thing that greatly contributes to the success of the operation.

Following the recommendations given by the surgeon for the recovery period and afterward can also greatly reduce the complications of sleeve surgery. Some other complications in the gastric sleeve, which are mostly due to incorrect surgery or the use of poor-quality materials:

Leakage in the staple line

After removing a large part of the new stomach, it is stitched using a special device (called a stapler) that leaves two rows of metal staples. If this operation is not done correctly or if good staples are not used (to reduce the cost), the staple line may leak, and there will be a risk of peritonitis, infection, and abscess. In this condition, the patient must be under strict care and if the infection is not controlled, it can be life-threatening.

Bleeding at the staple line

The staple line may bleed, but the probability is less than 1%. In this case, bleeding can usually be managed without the need for another surgery. But in some cases, it is necessary to perform another laparoscopic surgery on the patient to remove all the blood that has accumulated in the abdominal cavity.

If the doctor is not satisfied with the patient’s recovery process, he may want to perform laparoscopic surgery again, which is not abnormal at all. However, studies have shown that early treatment of these problems can have the best results.

gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass

Does Your Stomach Grow Back After Gastric Sleeve?

Stomach sleeve surgery is one of the irreversible slimming procedures and there is no chance of obesity returning unless you consume food in the same way as before and do not pay attention to your diet.

Likewise, if you are sedentary, your stomach, which was shrunk, will expand again. Do not forget that the stomach is elastic and will expand with excessive consumption of food, so be sure to pay attention to diet and physical activity.

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Can You Eat More With the Gastric Bypass Or Gastric Sleeve?

The main difference between gastric bypass and gastric sleeve in a post-operative diet is related to changes in the volume and size of the stomach, as this can affect how much a person eats. So, after sleeve surgery, your new stomach can hold about 85 grams of food, while after bypass surgery, your new stomach can hold about 28 grams of the food. Therefore, someone who has gastric sleeve surgery can eat more than someone who has gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery can help you lose weight by making it difficult to overeat and at the same time feel full after very small meals. It may be interesting to know that after gastric sleeve surgery, the volume of your new stomach will decrease from about 1 liter to about 2 tablespoons. In the meantime, you should stick to your post-op diet to prevent the new stomach pouch from stretching.

gastric sleeve or gastric bypass in turkey

Medgol: Your Guide to Reach Your Desired Weight in Antalya

Gastric sleeve operation is considered the least and lightest bariatric and metabolic slimming surgery. On the other hand, bypass surgery is suitable for people who want to experience very high weight loss.

If you have chosen gastric sleeve surgery as a way to lose weight, Medgol Medical Tourism Services will help you choose the best specialists in Antalya. You can enjoy your stay in this beautiful city before and after surgery by using Medgol services.

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